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Chapter 23

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I'm getting terrible at summarys. I think there's more swearing in this chapter than usual.

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Kerri's POV...
"Here, you can borrow my laptop for a bit." My older sister Cassie said, handing it to me "You seem really down tonight."
"I don't know if I want to go on Facebook and shizz." I told her "I bet I have a bunch of hate mail."
"We don't have to talk about it if you don't want to," She said sympathetically "But if anyone is sending you hate mail then make sure you take pictures of it and stuff. It counts as cyberbullying. If anyone's being hateful then just tell me." She smiled at me "Go on Facebook. Someone might have sent you a nice message."
And then she left. She didn't understand. But she could understand if people realised it wasn't just me that was involved in this secret. Okay, here's what happened...
Our family doesn't have much money. My Dad is barely home because he's working all the time but he still doesn't earn much. I know not to get excited at christmas or on my birthday because it's not like I'm going to get a blackberry or something. Cassie only owns a laptop because her Dad gave it to her (We have the same Mum but different Dads). But he doesn't send much money for her either.
Mum used to work and that helped a little. But then she got really ill. She got so ill that she couldn't work anymore. Dad took her to the Doctors but me and Cass weren't allowed to go. We still don't exactly know what was wrong because they won't tell us but we did know that the treatment cost a lot of money. And me and Cassie had to help get money.
Cassie was the one who suggested prostitution. Neither of us liked the idea but we also didn't like the idea that our Mum would die without the money. But Cass said we had to tell Mum and Dad.
Obviously they hated the idea just as much as we did but we all agreed that Mum had to get better no matter what. And that's why I got involved with those three boys. They payed lots of money and soon we had enough to pay for Mum's treatment. And now she's better.
Me and Cassie made up fake names so that people wouldn't be able to come and find us afterwards. Cassie called herself Jennifer because it's nothing like her name. I was the stupid one that picked Katie which is pretty close to Kerri.
I never thought someone like Romy would find out something like that.
Instead of sulking I decided to listen to Cassie and checked my Facebook account. I had two notifications but they were nice. One comment on one of my photos saying - 'Wow you're so pretty!' and someone commenting on someone's status that I had commented on aswell.
And I also had a message. It was off Mikey. I sighed. I was going to have to know what he thought sooner or later. So I opened it.
I'm not mad at you, I just wanna know why? I'm pissed off at Romy, not you. (L)
"Cassie!" I yelled.
Cassie came running in "What are they saying? Are they being really bitchy?"
"No," I told her what Romy knew and what she had done about it. About blackmailing me and everything that happened after that "And now Mikey wants to know why I did it."
Cassie was silent for a moment or two before saying "Well obviously, but you'd want to know aswell. Wouldn't you?"
"Well yeah-"
"And you did it for the right reasons," Cassie said firmly "It's not like you're a slag or anything."
"I feel like a slag."
"If you were a slag you'd have enjoyed it."
"Well I didn't enjoy it."
"Exactly! So message him back now and tell him why he did it!" I started to type it out when suddenly she stopped me "Even better, go and tell him!"
"What? I can't go tell him!"
"Why not? He's going to find out anyway!"
"But I can't say it to his face. It'll be weird..."
"Why? He's your boyfriend! You should be able to tell him anything!"
"Would you tell your boyfriend about this?"
"I did," She said seriously "I told him what I did and why I did it."
"And what happened?"
"Well, he broke up with me."
"But Mikey knows what you did!" Cassie argued "He doesn't even know why but he's not mad. He just wants to know why. And you have a totally good reason."
"Fine!" I stood up and grabbed my jacket "I'll go see him."
I watched Cass for a minute as she typed something into the computer "What are you doing?"
"Fraping you!" Cassie laughed "I just uploaded a status saying 'I like eating cheese, LOTS of it.'"
I rolled my eyes. She's the most immature eighteen year old I know. And I'm friends with Frank Iero.
Actually, that doesn't make sense because he's not eighteen but when he is eightee-
OH WELL, I have things to do!

Mikey's POV...
The doorbell rang and I heard Gerard run to answer it "Oh hey Kerri," I heard him greet "Would you like to come in?"
"Yeah please."
I heard her walk instead and then Gerard ask quietly "Is everything okay?"
"Why do you care?"
"I think I'm going through a phase of caring. It's bugging me out."
Kerri laughed and said "Excuse me Gerard, but I have to go and talk to Mikey."
She clattered upstairs and I raced back into my bedroom, desperate to look casual. I lay back on my bed and threw a football up at the ceiling.
"Hi Mikey," Kerri said coming in. The football came back down and hit me in the facel. Fuck you gravity "Oh my god, are you okay?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine..." So much for looking casual "So uhh did you get my Facebook message?"
She nodded sitting opposite me on my bed "My sister told me to tell you in person. But she also told me that she told her boyfriend and he broke up with her."
"Oh." Do I really want to hear this? Wow, wait. "You and your sister both had sex while you were in a relationship!"
"She had to!" Kerri suddenly burst. She told me about her money problems, her ill Mum, what her sister thought of and everything else "I'm really sorry I didn't tell you but I was so ashamed."
"Why didn't you just ask me to help you out with your money problems?"
"Our family doesn't like taking money from other people. My Dad wouldn't like to spend a penny of anyone elses money."
I wrapped my arms round her "I can't believe you've had to keep this to yourself for so long. I'd have just about gone crazy."
"I can't believe Romy told everybody," Kerri sniffed "How would she like it?"
I didn't say anything to that but in my head I was thinking 'Romy was my best friend. She told me about a million and one different secrets...'

Tatiana's POV...
"Ray, what are you doing?" I asked, walking into his bedroom. He was sitting on his bed with that weird hat on his hand again.
He quickly shoved it under his duvet "Nothing."
"You were talking to your hat again, weren't you?"
"Not necassarily," He said "Well okay maybe I was."
"I'd tell you to get a girlfriend but you already have one." I rolled my eyes "Which is the weirdest part."
"Can I talk to you about that actually?"
"Sure you can."
"Do you think Charlie really likes you?"
I remembered our phone conversation "Yeah, I'm sure she does."
"Then why wouldn't she let me kiss her when I dropped her off at her house?"
"Did Romy let you kiss her?"
"I didn't try to kiss her."
"So why did you try to kiss Charlie?"
"Because I like Charlie more than Romy."
"Well you've only been going out for like a day? Possibly two?"
"I know but-"
"Just wait until she's ready."
"How will I know when she's ready?"
I struggled "Uhh... You just will!"
"That's not the best advice you know?"
"Well I'm the younger sister, you're supposed to give me advice on my first kiss!"
"You've already had your first kiss."
"Oh never mind!" I told him, walking back into my own bedroom.
Gerard hasn't spoken to me since yesterday. Did I do something wrong?
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