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Chapter 24

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Romy's POV...
"Don't you feel the slighest bit guilty?" My younger brother James asked me "I mean, Kerri must be pretty upset."
"Of course I don't feel guilty." I told him, slipping some lip gloss on. Though I wasn't entirely sure this was true anymore.
"Why'd you do it anyway?" James wants to know "What did Kerri ever do that was so bad? I mean, I know you hate her but-"
"You wanna know?" I asked, turning to face him "Mikey prefers Kerri to me. I've been here his entire life, Kerri shows up and it seems like Mikey doesn't even like me anymore. I kept asking Mikey if he wanted to hang out and each time he was like 'Sorry can't, I've got a date with Kerri'. And sometimes we'd finally organise something but at the last minute I'd get a text message saying 'Oh sorry, Kerri asked me out and I couldn't say no'. At first I thought I might be able to reason with Kerri. But she's a stuck up bitch."
"You could possibly have over re-acted." James said carefully "You know when someone's trying to be nice or polite but really you just want to slap them?"
"Maybe Kerri was, I don't know, on her period or something at the time."
"Umm that's a little sexist."
"I'm just saying, maybe you don't know the whole story."
I glared at him "I'm in the whole story. I think I know what's going on."
"Yes, but each person has a different side to the story. You say that Kerri was being a bitch? Maybe Kerri thinks you were being a bitch?"
I sat down on my bed "Well she's totally going to think that now. I know she didn't want to do it, she had to do it."
"Didn't you think for a second?" James asked "Think about it. At some point Kerri's going to have her say. And then what do you think will happen?"
"... Everyone will hate me." I rolled my eyes "Okay, I didn't think this through. But now what I am supposed to do?"
"How should I know?" James raised his eye-brows "I'm only ten!"
"Which reminds me..." I shoved him off my bed "Get out of my room you little brat!"
James sighed, got up and went to his own bedroom. The house was silent for a while before I heard James' XBOX start up.
I finally found the courage to turn on my phone. Of course I was worried about turning my phone on or going on Facebook or something. Soon Mikey would be texting/messaging me angry messages saying stuff like 'How could you do that to Kerri?'
At first when I turned my phone on it stayed quiet so I thought I was off the hook. But after a couple of seconds my phone buzzed three times signalling I had a message. Totally worried about reading it, I pressed open.
[*How could you!? Do u no how upset Kerri is!? M x
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