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Chapter 25

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[A/N] - Sorry that Chapter 24 cut off so quickly D': It was way longer but I did that thing again which cuts off the chapter -.- I can't be bothered to write out exactly what happened so I guess the story is changing :3 Deal with it.

Romy's POV - Continued ('cos it'll only make sense that way :D)
I stared at Mikey's text. Kerri had every reason to be upset obviously but I wasn't exactly feeling very peachy myself. Obviously Kerri has more reason to be upset than me but there's a terrible feeling in my stomach. I'm not a total airhead, I'm fully aware of what I'm feeling right now. Guilt.
"What am I supposed to do?" I whispered "Kerri will never forgive me. Mikey will never forgive me and he's my best friend. And when Kerri lets the truth out, everyone will hate me. Now what am I going to do?"
I've really messed things up. First with thinking that Gerard would want to go out with me if I went out with Ray. Secondly by wanting Mikey all to myself. Even though he's only one person and he did do his best to spend enough time with each of us. I knew I was over re-acting when I told James all that stuff. He never once cancelled and if something else popped up, he'd just re-schedule. And I guess Kerri never acted that bad, I was just jealous. I was jealous that she had a boyfriend and that I didn't.
Mikey has probably already told Gerard about what I did. I've blown my chances with him if I ever had any. Which I clearly don't since he's all over Tatiana. Why can't I be her? And then I wouldn't have to feel so guilty, I could just go over to Gerard's house and he'd instantly make me feel better.
Why can't I be Kerri? I've never had feelings for Mikey but everyone's always prefered her to me. And Mikey isn't that bad of a guy.
Oh my god, is this what I've been jealous of all along? I don't really fancy Gerard at all. It's Mikey that I've always liked but I just kept on denying it.
Well now he's never going to like me back.

Gerard's POV...
Someone knocked on the door at around 7PM. Kerri was still at our house but Mikey still got up and answered the door. "Hey Tatiana, are you here to see Gerard?"
"Yeah, is that okay?"
"Of course it is. He's in his room."
I feel really bad to Tatiana. I've barely spoken to her in the last week because I was still thinking about Charlie. But now she's got Ray so I guess it's a bit late for that...
"Hi Gerard," Tatiana smiled, entering my bedroom "Is this a good time?"
"Totally!" I smiled back at her "It's always a good time to see you."
"Really? Because you haven't been acting like that during the last week."
"I know, I know..." I ran my fingers through my hair "I'm really sorry. I've just needed some space."
"... But you still like me, right?"
I laughed shakily "Of course I still like you! What on earth made you think that I didn't like you anymore?"
"Well we've been having so many arguements lately-"
"Well I like that you stand up to me," I laughed, laying back on my bed "Not many girls do."
She came and sat next to me "And although Charlie is dating Ray, I know she fancies you."
"She does not!"
"She totally does and don't deny it!" Tatiana told me "I phone her the other day and asked if she fancied you. She said no but it was a total lie. I could tell even if we were only talking over the phone."
"Well she hasn't said anything to me," I lied "And besides I don't fancy her. I have you, I don't need Charlie."
"She can still be your best friend!" Tatiana said, lying down next to me "But promise it won't be anymore than that?"
"I promise!" I promised "Do you want to go out tomorrow? I'll take you out for dinner?"
"We could make it a double date!" Tatiana grinned "To show Charlie that it's okay. You and me, Charlie and Ray."
"Okay! We should invite Kerri and Mikey too because Kerri's going through a tough time."
"What about Frank and Jenna?"
"I think they broke up. Frank's dating Jamia now."
"Well, invite them."

Ray's POV...
"Hey Ray!" Tati greeted me as she walked through the front door "I've just been over to Gerard's."
"You seem to be in a good mood." I narrowed my eyes at her "Did you have sex with him?"
"Maybe!" Tatiana smiled cheekily "No, of course not. We've organised a date though."
"Oh yeah? When are you going out?"
"We're all going out. Tomorrow night for dinner. You and Charlie are of course invited. Along with me, Gerard, Mik-"
"I don't think Charlie will want to go." I shrugged "We're in a relationship but she doesn't seem to like me very much."
"Oh Ray," Tatiana sighed, putting a hand on my shoulder "It's early days. Just give her a chance to see how amazing you are!"
I tried to smile enthusiastically "Okay, I'll text her and ask if she wants to come."
So I pulled out my phone there-and-then to text her.
Heyy Charlie, wanna go out for a date tomorrow? (L) - R xx
Dunno if I can make 2moz sorry ;/ - C xx
Everyone's going, including Gerard - Rxx
It's okay, My Mom said I can go :D - C xx

Well that wasn't obvious.
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