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Chapter 26

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The Date.

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[A/N] - I'm trying to update everything today before I go to Spain. But I'm trying to get some music for my iPod at the same time and I still haven't packed and we're leaving tomorrow :') So excited...

Tatiana's POV...
"How do I look?" I asked Ray. I knew how he felt about tight, low-cut dresses so this time I was wearing something slightly different. It was a purpley pink colour, it reached my knee and it wasn't really tight but it wasn't baggy either.
Ray looked me up and down "You look great Tati. You always do." He stepped out one of his legs so that he was standing with his legs wide open "Now then. How do I look?"
I looked at him. He actually looked really nice. Ray was wearing a black shirt with black skinny jeans, a white tie and a black blazer. "You look amazing!" I told him, smiling "And I'm not just saying that. Your hairs a bit..."
"What do you mean?"
"I don't think the red suits you," I told him gently "To be honest with you Ray, you look like Ronald McDonald."
"Then I'll go join the flippin' circus!" He said sarcastically making me giggle. Ray smiled too "Should I go put on my hat?"
"No!" I said quickly "It's like a beanie hat. It'll ruin your whole outfit. And you might be tempted to go and talk to it instead of talking to Charlie."
"Are you sure she likes me?" Ray asked me "I mean I absolutely love her and she just... I think she prefers Gerard."
"That's what I thought," I had to be careful "At first. But then I spoke to her properly and she's a nice girl. I think she totally likes you."
"Are you sure?"
"Yes, I'm sure!"
"It's just... When she thought that the date tonight was just going to be me and her she wasn't very enthusastic. As soon as I told her Gerard was coming, she agreed. Maybe I shouldn't go tonight."
"Ray!" I snapped "Even Kerri is coming, after what she went through. And Charlie will be upset if you don't show up. You have to come, you know you do."
"You are coming tonight Ray Toro and that is final!"
"Fine then Tatiana Toro, I'll come."
"Good boy Ray."
There was a knock at the door. I ran to answer and outside was Charlie and Gerard. All the others were sitting in the limo behind them "You got us a limo?" I asked him, delighted.
"Actually, Frank got it..." Gerard smiled "He certainly thinks a lot of Jamia."
"Poor Jenna," Charlie suddenly said "She still really likes him."
"Maybe she shouldn't have lied to him," Ray suddenly appeared out of nowhere "Relationships fall apart without trust."
Charlie blushed "I think we should get in the car now." Charlie turned around and started walking away so Ray bounded outside and quickly followed Charlie down the drive.
Gerard blushed too, standing there looking a little lost for a second. An unusual look for Gerard "Tati, you look amazing tonight..."
"Thank you." I grinned like a silly little girl at him "You look great too." And he really did. He was dressed almost identical to Ray but he was wearing a red tie instead of white.
"Come on, we'd better join the others." He took my hand and we walked out to the car together. Before we left, I forgot to wonder what could go wrong...

Frank's POV...
"I love the salad here," Jamia told me "It's amazing."
"Yes." I replied, taking a bite of lettuce. Our conversation was as boring as the lettuce tasted. As much as I hate to admit it, I miss Jenna as much as she misses me. I'm just better at not showing it. But I can't give in to Jenna, she lied to me. And for a little while at least she needs to feel the way that I felt.
"We have enrichments day tomorrow," Mikey announced "Our year is doing crime."
"We're going on a trip," Gerard told him, taking a bite of his salad "We're going to the zoo."
"Seriously?" Tatiana laughed "I couldn't imagine you walking round a zoo!"
The conversation went on politely for a while. But then someone did and said something that changed the entire evening.
Charlie was in the middle of telling us all some crazy story that happened with her and her Mom up town when suddenly, someone burst into the restraunt. And that someone just happened to be Jenna.
"Frank!" She yelled, storming over to our table "Why are you cheating on me?"
"Jenna," I said loudly "We're not dating."
"Actually, I never agreed to our break up!" Jenna said "So technically, we're still dating. And you're going out for dinner with this... With her!"
"Excuse me!" Jamia yelled "But how dare you?"
"Jenna, stop acting so crazy!" I pushed my chair away and walked over to her "I never really broke up with you. I have missed you everyday since telling you it was over." I put my hands on her arms "I wanted you to feel the way I felt when you lied to me. But I'm suffering too. So... Will you be my girlfriend again?"
Jenna smiled at me brightly "Of course I will!" Then she threw her arms round me.
Jamia stood up and said loudly "Well so long as we're all confessing here, Frank is a terrible kisser..." And then she stormed out.
"You kissed her?" Jenna asked me, looking disgusted.
"No," I told her looking confused "The funny thing is, I'm not lying..."
"We're confessing?" Ray asked "Okay! I think that Charlie likes Gerard more than she likes me."
"Well, if we're truly confessing..." Charlie said "Yes Ray, I fancy Gerard. And honestly, I don't like you at all..."
"I knew it!" Tatiana yelled, standing up "Why can't you just keep your hands off my guy?"
"I fancied him long before he was 'your guy'!" Charlie insisted "I've liked him for ages and it's not far how you can just swoop in and take him! After knowing him, what, five minutes? You're such a slag."
"I'm the slag?" Tatiana screeched "You're the one going after Gerard when, in case you hadn't noticed, he's taken!"
"If anyone's a slag here it's me!" Kerri sobbed "I'm really sorry I did that Mikey!"
"I already told you that I forgive you!" Mikey told her, pulling her close "Would you guys stop fighting please?"
"Stop? Stop?" Charlie replied "Oh I'm just getting started!"
"Why do you have to ruin everything for me?" Tatiana threw a breadroll at Charlie "Stop acting so jealous!"
"Jeez, why did I open my mouth?" Ray complained "Charlie, if we just go outside-"
"I don't even like you, Ronald McDonald!" Charlie yelled.
Everyone was silent for a moment before Tatiana giggled and said "Well, I did tell you..."
And that set everybody off laughing, even Ray.
"Sir," A random waiter came over to me "I'm going to have to ask you all to leave. You've been making a lot of noise and it's disturbing the other customers."
"Of course," I spluttered with laughter "I'll just tell the others, we'll pay the bill and then we'll leave."
He snorted and then strolled away. I turned to the others and burst out laughing again.

Gerard's POV...
"I'll walk you home," I told Tatiana "I think that Ray and Charlie are talking things over. You never know, maybe Charlie will realise that she does actually like Ray."
"Probably not," Tati laughed "She thinks he looks like Ronald McDonald."
We both giggled "Tonight didn't go exactly as we planned, huh?"
"How did you plan it go?" Tatiana wants to know "You planned the entire night in your head?"
"No, but I thought we'd be able to finish our meals before leaving the fancy restraunt..." I laughed "I didn't think we'd go to McDonalds for dessert."
"It just seemed right, you know..." Tatiana smiled "Besides, we're tight with Ronald McDonald. So we didn't have to pay."
We both laughed and then before we knew it we were outside her house. She turned to me and asked seriously "Now that you know Charlie definently isn't intersted in Ray, you won't dump me for her will you?"
"Of course not," I promised, giving her a kiss goodnight "See you tomorrow."
"Bye Gee!" She smiled and ran into her house.
I walked away with my hands in my pockets, knowing I meant every word.

[A/N] - Change of plan, I will not be updating The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys or Secrets tonight. This took me an HOUR. :O - See you next Friday people :)
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