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Chapter 27

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A Romy/Mikey chapter.

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[A/N] - Everyone better be grateful for the following updates. I just spent over 24 hours on a coach and at 5.35AM this morning, Jasmine insisted that I wasn't allowed back to sleep -.- I was going to wait til tomorrow to update but I felt mean keeping you waiting :) So here is my chapter...

Romy's POV...
"Mikey, we need to talk..." I said quickly as our entire year filed into the hall. It was our Enrichments Day and we were doing crime. As usual. Our year always does crime, it's like they think we'll all end up in prison or something.
Kerri looked up and saw me. She blushed bright red and ran to find a seat. Mikey turned to see her waving him to sit next to her but before he could move someone else had already sat next to her and began chatting to her eagerly. A little too eagerly, probably wondering if she's still open for business. I know that was mean but I just couldn't resist...
"I don't want to talk to you Romy," Mikey told me firmly "You don't know how bad you've made Kerri feel."
"No but I get a feeling of how she feels. I know what I did was bad but-"
"Get to your seat please!" Miss.Jones yelled at us.
Mikey blushed, apologised and ran up the steps to find the next available seat. I hurried to get a seat next to him, desperate to whisper to him while the boring speech was on. Unfortunately this never happened.
As usual Miss.Jones tried to get our attention but completely failed. So a random police officer (I hadn't really noticed them when I walked in but there were about 6 hanging around) yelled "Be quiet! Are you deaf?" which soon made everybody shut up.
"There are twenty-seven phones on in this room," One of the female police officers told him "What are you going to do?"
"You have thirty seconds to turn all your phones off!" The police officer announced in a loud booming voice. Nobody argued with him and I didn't either. I quickly reached over and picked up my mobile phone, quickly turning it off.
We were shown a small clip of a boy who ended up in prison. It was pretty upsetting, he was really close with his Mum and she was begging him to stay out of trouble but he got into trouble anyway. It was mostly his friends fault but he ran off and left him to get arrested. He got sent to a Young Offenders Institute. You didn't watch the last part but the Police Officer told us that that boy might've thought he was hard but the kids in the Institue were a million times harder and bullied him until he committed suicide.
I was about to whisper that I was truely sorry into Mikey's ear but the policeman caught my eye so I pretended to just be breathing with my mouth open.
Then we were split into groups.
Like it usually was on Enrichment Days we were split into aphabetical order. I don't normally mind this because I used to have a friend in my group.
We all did - Frank and Jenna went into one group. Tatiana went into my group because her last name was Toro and mine was White, Romy White. And Mikey was in our group because he was Mikey Way. Kerri's last name was Field so she was with Frank and Jenna.
And now I don't suppose Tatiana will like me anymore and obviously Mikey hates me. And the police officers were really starting to scare me. They'd already said that today we were not in a school, we were in a Young Offenders Institute and that we'd be treated like prisoners all day. We weren't allowed a breaktime, we had to sit in the classroom all of break. But we'd be allowed out at lunch.
He told us to line up into twos. Tatiana looked at Mikey but I quickly grabbed his hand and pulled him next to me "... The fuck?" He hissed.
"I don't wanna be left alone!" I pleaded but he just glared at me and went to stand next to Tatiana.
I thought I'd end up standing by myself but someone else was alone so they had to come and stand next to me. It was Chris, the weird smelling, overweight boy that nobody ever turns to. He smiled at me and said through his yellow teeth "Maybe we can be friends now Romy?"
"I've got enough friends," I told him "Sorry." Though I wasn't sure I had any friends left.
Our first lesson was in Miss.Hipps room, one of the maths room. I thought it'd be dead scary but it was about Sexting and what could happen when someone sent a rude picture to somebody else.
Someone laughed and said "Someone should've told Kerri about that!"
Most of the class erupted into laughter. Everyone turned to me and smiled and it's when I realised... Everyone was happy I'd done it. Kerri was going to picked on forever but by the looks of it, I could be popular.
The only people in the room not laughing were the two police officers, me, Tatiana and Mikey. Mikey was blushing bright red because it's his girlfriend, Tatiana was staring at the table and the two police officers were trying to calm everybody down. I knew I was the one who had to speak up.
"Leave her alone!" I snapped "She had to do it, do you not get that? Her family needed money to get her Mom surgery, she's lucky to be alive! Kerri and her sister had to do something to get the money! They're not proud of it and I was stupid to post it, alright? So shut up about it now."
Amazingly, everybody turned away and carried on watching the presentation! The police officers looked a bit relieved aswell. I glanced over at Mikey and Tatiana's table. Tatiana gave me a small smile but Mikey stared at the white board instead. I returned my own gaze to the whiteboard, deciding it was better to have Mikey ignoring me than glaring at me.

Mikey's POV...
"Now then," One of the strange people at the front of the room announced "I need a few volunteers for some roleplay."
This was our third workshop. The morning had gone slightly better than we thought it was and wasn't as harsh as we thought. We'd watched three videos this morning and all of them were a little upsetting, the fire one being the worse and the sexting one being the least bad.
This one was weird. We were in the gym and there was a small street set up out of props which we're assuming is for the roleplay.
"Do it Mikey," Tatiana whispered in my ear "You're a great Actor."
So I put my hand up. I got chosen to take part in the roleplay but much to my disappointment, so did Romy.
We were taken down the back and put into costumes for the roleplay. Romy went round the front with Tatiana, who in the end had decided to volunteer aswell. I got dressed up in some weird chav likes clothes and we paraded round the front with the weird group leader who had also dressed up strange. We were holding cans of lager and we sat on the wall outside.
Then suddenly Tatiana walked out of the door with a plastic baby doll in her arms "Could you guys please leave, I'm trying to get my little sister to sleep?"
And anyway, we didn't so Romy came outside and said "If you don't go, I'll call the police!"
"What for?" I asked her "Aren't you the one who did the bad thing?"
She flushed bright red "It was a mistake, I didn't mean to do anything!"
"Why do you hate her so much?"
"Because I'm in love with you!" Romy yelled at me "That sounds stupid and it is, but I've been in love with you all along and I'm jealous!"
I stared at her then pulled off the stupid chavvy clothes I'd been wearing "That doesn't make it okay!" I screamed before running out of the gym.
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