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Don't Work With Crushes

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Matt stepped gingerly in to the way house, he looked about taking in all his surroundings, Natalia tossed her keys into a bowl near the door
“Gerard” she shouted “Must not be home”
“You have a very nice home” Matt said he was raised to be polite
Natalia gave one of her smiles “thank you” she said “Shall we get started on the project”
“Sure” Matt said
Matt fallowed Natalia up to her room which had black walls and a red carpet

Gerard walked into the house quickly fallowed by Frank, the two boys made there way to Gerard’s room which had red walls and a black carpet.
“So Frank” Gerard said “I have to tell you something”
“Yeah?” Frank said
“Well you know how you told us your where gay”
“Well I am too”
Frank looked at Gerard “I am not fucking with you here dude”
Franks heart skipped a beat if Gerard wasn’t here – and if he could – he would do a back flip with joy. The two sat close on the bed
“Gerard “Gerard turned his head to the side only to have Franks lips collide with his.
Franks hands stated to run up Gerard’s shirt
“No” Gerard said breaking the kiss

Natalia and matt sat in silence not talking, nothing
“So” matt said breaking the silence “Doing those poems in English was gay right”
Matt mentally slapped himself as soon as the words left his mouth. Natalia shot him a death glare. “Sorry” he said
“I liked yours it was very nice” She said “Although I couldn’t help but notice it wasn’t about your girlfriend Jemma” she looked at her feet
“It wasn’t” matt said moving closer to her “It’s about a girl at school with pale skin and black hair a will of her own mind of her own” Matt was so close she could feel Matt’s hot breath on her neck.
“Who is this girl?” Natalia asked quietly she turned to him looking into his amazing hazel eyes that made her heart flutter and her knees turn weak
“You” he said the kissed her softly
“Wait” Natalia said breaking away from Matt who went to her neck he kissed and sucked on the pale flesh “What about Jemma?”
“I dumped her this afternoon” Matt said looking into Natalia’s eye “You only person I’ve told this to but in never liked her; I’ve had a massive crush in you ever since I first stopped you in maths”

“Gerard what was that?” Frank asked
“”what was what?” Gerard asked stand up
“I felt something under your shirt”
“Oh that it’s nothing just a little scar” Gerard shrugged
“That didn’t fell little Gee what the hell?” Frank said Gerard fell to his knees sobbing tears flooded down his pale cheeks “it was so bad Frank our dad he hit us and one day he tried to kill us he took a knife and he sliced it right down Natalia’s cheek and mikey he has a big scar on his leg and me…” Gerard lifted up his shirt showing Frank the large scar that went from his bottom left rib to his right hip
"There was so much blood" Gerard said “We had to move he was going to kill us”
Frank slid to the floor looking at Gerard he pulled him into a hug
“Why do you like me?” Gerard said “I’m so damaged and ugly”
“You not everyone has problems some bigger than others” Frank said “Gerard I would love no I would be proud to call you my boyfriend” Gerard looked at Frank Then softly kissed him
“WE should tell Natalia” Gerard said

Matt lay on top of Natalia He kissed her lips His tough ran over her bottom lip begging for entrance which she granted. Matt tough slid into the young Way girl’s mouth he sucked on her cold metal lip ring causing her to moan. His hands sliding up her skrit feeling the ruff fishnet tights
“What the fuck Natalia?” Gerard shouted the two broke apart
Gerard’s eyes full of hurt and betrayal
He kicked her bookshelf near the door causing it to collapse

At the dinner table later that night everyone sat in silence, everyone was tense,
“so” Mikey said “I was thinking of getting a mouse”
“What the hell Natalia” Gerard suddenly stood up and shouted at his twin “Matt though you wouldn’t act on it he’s just using you”
“I though I’d call it Steve” Mikey said quietly
“Oh my god Gerard” Natalia shouted as she stood up to “it’s my life I can date whom ever I want”
“A wee white mouse” Mikey said
“Shut up Mikey” the twins shouted at him
“You know as soon as he see you scar he’s gonna dump you so fast and you’ll come crying to me at least Frank accepts me. I bet Matt at Jemmas house right now fucking cheating on you” Gerard said “Fucking scared bitch”
As soon as the words left his mouth Gerard regretted them
“You know Gee when you say shit like that you sound just like dad” Natalia said running upstairs in tears
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