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Scars Don't Hurt But The Pain Is Still There

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Natalia and Matt walked hand in hand down the corridor of the school; Matt would kiss her cheek softly. He was acuity quite nice he stop picking on Gerard too although he never hit him or called him a name, he stopped hang with the guys who did. Gerard and Natalia hadn’t spoken in three days since the fight.
Natalia sighed as Jemma walked in front of her. Natalia tried to walk by her but Jemma grabbed her throwing her into the locker then tossing slushie in her face cause her gothic white make-up to run. She sprinted to the bathroom,

She looked in the mirror touching the long scar on her face tenderly even though it didn’t hurt she could sometimes still feel the pain he caused her.
“Natalia” someone whispered she turned to see Matt she wiped a tear from her eye
“Hi” she whispered
“I heard what happened are you ok?”
“Yeah” she said do or died time, time to prove Gee wrong she thought “Matt I have to show you something”
Natalia turned her head to the side showing the scar which went from the corner of her lip to the tip of her ear. Matt looked shocked at it.
“What the fuck is that?” Matt asked
“It’s a scar” Natalia said “You act like you never seen one”
Matt turned and walked out the bathroom, Natalia could feel her heart breaking in her chest. Gee was right

Natalia punched in the code to her locker she screamed as out jumped Frank.
“Frank what the hell?” She said
Frank noticed she had no make-up on so the scar was in full view
“You looked beautiful, Nat” Frank said “the jocks pushed me in here they said something about taking Gerard to the roof” Frank sounded very worried
“Well come on” Natalia said grabbing Franks hand and running

Four jocks where kicking and punching Gerard on top of the school building
“Stupid faggot emo” one of them spat on Gerard he noticed someone else was on the roof
“Alright Matt where the new Goth girlfriend?” one of them said
“It’s not going to work out I think I’ll just ask Jemma back out” Matt said not sounding very convincing
“Come on lets just finish him off” another jock said two jocks grabbed Gerard one at his ankles on at his wrist
“1…2…3” they said then hurled Gerard off the roof he fell for about 6 seconds until he collide with the cement walk way
“Gerard holy fuck” He heard his sisters voice “Gee I’m sorry you where right I’m sorry”
“Gerard oh god please Gee stay with us come on I love you” Frank said
“I love you too Frank” Gerard croaked before everything went black

Beep… Beep… Beep
Gerard’s eye fluttered opened, that beeping was really fucking annoying
“Gee” Frank said noticing he was awake he kissed him softly
“Where’s Nat” Gerard said his voice broken from under use
“She‘s at the police station after you fell from the roof she went up there and kinda kicked the crap out of the jocks” Frank said Gerard started to look worried “Don’t worry I don’t think there going to press charges”
Gerard gave Frank a smile “Make sure she’s ok for me will you?”
“I will Gee” Frank pressed his lips to Gerard’s again
“Eww” someone said from the door it was Mikey “Dude that’s my brother!”
Frank just grinned at this "Well then don't watch"
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