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Which Hurts More A Gunshot Or A Broken Heart

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Gerard was let out of hospital two weeks later Natalia was aloud back to school the jocks thankfully didn't press charges. The gang sat under an oak tree in the back court. Franks head on Gerard’s lap as he ran his fingers through his hair. The summer air was welcome and warm a perfect afternoon
"So what are we doing for your birthday this Saturday?" Mikey asked
"Don't know" Natalia said looking up from her book that girl foREVer had her nose in a book
"Why don't you guys come over we have a little party?" Gerard said
"Yeah" all agreed they all talked the afternoon away Natalia let her eyes wonder over they grounds she saw Matt with Jemma making out. Her heart shattered all over again in her chest. She felt some one wipe her cheek had she been crying? She looked up in to her little brothers eyes she hugged Mikey.
Saturday come and so did the friends presents and celebrations, Gerard finally felt like for once thing where going to be ok.
Mikey and Ray soon left for some food leaving Gerard Frank and Natalia they decide to start a movie a horror which Frank wasn't happy. The film had barely started and frank was in Gee's lap nuzzling his neck squeezing his eyes shut. The doorbell went of with a cheerfully ding dong which made Frank jump and scream. Gerard and Natalia laughed at the scared boy.
"It's ok Frankie" Natalia teased "It's just the door I'll get it" Frank pouted cutely this caused Gerard to giggle and kiss Frank.
"GERARD!" came a scream then a gunshot and a dull thud
Gerard grabbed Frank pushing him into the bathroom and telling to lock the door and not to come out no matter what
Gerard know who was here, he just didn't know how he had found them. He grabbed a poker from the fire place and stood behind the door taking deep breaths in and out to calm himself down.
"Where are you Gerard" the man said entering the room. He still reeked of alcohol just as Gerard remembered
"Come out you fag" he sneered Gerard gripped the poker tightly then went to hit him from behind the man spun round with the gun knocking both weapons to the floor.
"YOU LITTLE BASTARD" he man shouted knocking Gerard to the floor and beating far worse than any beating he had gotten at school or from his father (the man) before Gerard knew he was going to die
"HI" a croak of a voice came from the door there stood Natalia clutching her belly with one hand holding the gun with the other. There father stopped putting his hands up in surrender
"OK Natasha" he said "lets not do anything to hastily"
Natalia glared at him "My name's Natalia" she croaked then shot him right in the head she swayed slightly then fell to the ground

Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep breath in breath out repeat
Gerard sat at side of the bed looking at Natalia her eyes where closed she had been like this for 3 weeks now. Gerard had not left her side. When the paramedics arrived she wasn't breathing they rushed her in to sugerary and now she was in a bed hooked up to a life support machine, there father was pronounced dead on arrival
Frank walked in he kissed Gerard softly and said "Let's get some coffee"
Gerard nodded pushing himself out of the chair.
They got coffee exchanged kissed and just loved each other. They walked back to the room.
"You know I still really like you" a voice came from the room it was Matt the two boys watched him there where black roses on the table from him "I don't know why I was being an ass I quit the football team I’m in a band now the singer of all things" Matt bowed his head his body shook he was crying "I'm sorry I can't stand Jemma I always ... loved you" he finished quietly he kissed her lips softly then
She flat lined
Doctors and nursed flew in to the room tossing Matt out he saw Frank and Gerard none exchanged word but all know what was happening
"Gerard" the doctor said "I'm sorry we done the best we could be Natalia didn't make it" He looked at Frank and ran out the room as fast as his heart could cope. He fell on to the grass out side the hospital face first and just stayed there.
Frank ran after him and when he saw Gerard like that he felt a tear run down his face. He rapped his arms around him and kissed his neck.
"Gee" Frank said
Gerard didn't reply
"Gerard" he said with a louder tone
"WHAT!" Gerard said getting up, his eyes red and the neck of his collar wet.
"I came to make sure you where ok" Frank said "you need some one to talk to" Gerard didn't want to talk he wanted to... he didn’t know what he wanted

Gerard was asked to organise the funeral his mother couldn't cope with the pain. He sat in the pew right at the front next to frank Mikey and ray the funeral was open to any one whom knew her. Matt was here with his band mates one of which came up to Gerard and said "we needed to be here for matt he's not holding up well I never knew your sister personally but from what matt told us she seems like the most amazing person in the worlds"
The church was almost full Gerard didn't know half these people he asked how they knew her to a woman behind them "she would bring cans for the homeless every year" the woman said
He asked more people each had there own story to tell about her

at the end of it all no matter how many stories he heard about her she was still gone he carried out her casket to the hearse the rain slipping from the sky in heavy bursts Natalia always loved the ran. She wanted to get married in it she always danced in it. Natalia she lived life to its full she never gave up.
They slid the casket into the back of the hearse. Gerard pressing him hand to the small glass window as a final good bye.

The End
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