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long days

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Chapter 15

Lady Madnesses POV

We ran together as we shed our human tendancies. What I mean by that is when you hunt, you forget all about how you were human 5 seconds ago. Your different, your an animal. Your like a wolf (bad analogy considering Vampires and Werewolves were supposed to be enemies) and for the time you hunt, the more time it takes to control yourself. I had no idea what we were hunting, most likely whatever crossed our path first.

We ran and ran, and we never looked back. Finally we came to a pair of lights in the distance, and we raced towards it. It was two creatures, and they smelled wondeful.

They were riding on a motorcycle and Rose pushed each of the riders off. There were two, perfect.

The first one scrambled to run away from us but I grabbed her leg as she tried to army crawl away. She cried out in pain as I did, so apparently she may of hurt her legs when Rose pushed them off. The other one was wimpering as she tried to push the motorcycle off her legs. I looked over to see Rose smirking at the humans weakness.

I grabbed a rock and dropped it on the young womans head. I finally got a good look at her, she was most definitly a prostitue. She hardly wore a shirt, it was practically see through. Her skirt was so short it didn't even cover her hips. She was only about 15 or 16, but it didn't matter. She was thowing away her life, I could tell she had been high. I could even see some remaints of the powder on her face, it was kinda nasty.

"Bring them to the cave?" I asked Rose. She grinned and nodded eagerly.

I picked up the girl I had chosen and knocked out and Rose knocked hers out and we carried them towards the caves that me and Rose had always talked about. It was somewhere in another Zone, and that's all we knew from the Killjoys and also directions. We followed the directions and soon enough we were faced with a cave/ house of rocks thingy. We touched thee rock that made the doors open and dashed inside. I hadn't had blood in days, and Party Poisons blood was the only blood type that kept me fed. The other guys blood was just for pleasure and keeping me sane for a couple hours. So, it was equivalent to a human not eating anything except a granola bar for a week. Except the whole, getting pale, eyes sinking in, uncontrollable thirst and smells.

Once we entered the cave and went through another entrance way for security, I set my girl down on the couch in a half laying down, half sitting position.

I looked over to see Rosey who nodded. I made sure the Girl I had carried was still knocked out and alive. She was out stone cold (not literally, she was still alive) and I bent her neck over. I sunk my sharp teeth into her arm, right near her wrist. Although, in all the vampire movies they always say neck, but I think you get most taste in the arm. And, Vampires don't havefangs, they have slightly pointed teeth. Nothing noticable, just a little sharper than humans.

I felt the familiar rush come to my head as I felt her blood in my mouth. I drank a bit more, than left somemore for later.

"Done?" Rose asked.

"Yep!" I replied flashing a red toothed grin.

For the rest of the night we took more blood and put it in wine, and we drank that. We also talked about what we were going to do.

"Rose, what are we gonna do now?" I asked.

"About what?"

"Well, wejust killed two Killjoys, and drank their blood. Were monsters." She smiled.

"So? It's better than being human. And besides, Vampires were on earth first, so humans are just our food."

I nodded. I didn't like this thought, but I didn't know what we were gonna tell the Killjoys. We left the caves after draining the humans blood and taking some in a srynge for later.

"Lets get our story straight. We were out for a midnight walk?" She suggested.

"More like 7 in the morning walk?" I asked.

"Uhm, yeah. We'll sneak in, finger brush our teeth and act like we just came back from a walk. Kay." I nodded and we ran back to the Diner.

We mooved the piece of wood and I ran to the bathroom.I grabbed the tube of toothpaste and squeezed a nasty amount onto my index finger. I rubbed my finger all over my bloody teeth and I heard footsteps walking towards the bathroom. I turned on my heels to the serious face of Party and Ghoul. I turned away and began brushing feriously. I felt Poisons hand on my shoulder.

"Put your hand down Lady M. Do it, and we won't have to hurt you." I felt the point of his gun against my back. I slowly pulled my hand out of my mouth and clamped down my lips. I spit out the toothpaste and took a sip of water. I turned around and Poison had lowered his Raygun.

"Come with us."

I followed them down the hall and into the interrogation room. I knew that they knew what we had been doing.

"Now, tell us what you were doing and why." I looked tatRosey and she nodded.

"We were hunting. We killed two people on a motorcycle. If we didn't we would have died permantly, so there was nothing that we could've done to help it." They looked at us with their eyebrows raised.

"Well, until we find a solution to this problem, we will be keeping you here closely monitered." I already knew how to get out. I hated doing it, but we would starve after a couple days, and I didn't think they'd only be keeping us for a couple hours. The first shift was Ghoul's, so it'd be a lot easier.

Party left the room after he chaincuffed us to the wall. I looked at Ghoul and turnedon the puppydog face. He glared back at me. It was going to be a long day.
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