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Chapter 16

Lady Madnesses POV

It felt around 10:00 at night, and I was super sad. I didn't know why, it just felt like it. Y'know, those days where you just want to crawl in a hole and die? Well that was the case tonight. We had done absolutly nothing, we even talked to Ghoul and joked around for a couple hours. No one kept watch, and they moved Rosey to a different room, so I was all alone. I don't know why I did it, but since only my feet were chained, I pulled out my knife. I examined it closely, feeling the sharp edges of the blade.

I was feeling so sad, I just had to do it. Islid the sharp edge against my wrist and felt relief wash over me as my venomous blood spilled down my wrist. Suddenly the memories came back to me, the day the bombs went off and Bli searched throughout the zones for Killjoys.


"Elissa! Find the kids!" Freddie shouted at me. The men who we knew very much made the bombs go off were speeding towards our Diner. We made the Diner for travelers, it was pretty wierd place to put a Diner, but we had good bussiness.

I searched frantically for our Kids, Joseph, Jill, Jessie and Jimmy. We were also looking after our nieghbors kids, so it brought the amount of kids to about 7. 7 missing kids, and not a trace of where they went. The men kept speeding closer and closer,until all the man busted down our door. The men piled in. I ran to one of the bedrooms, where I found the kids hiding. I crouched down to them, and I trembled as I heard heavy bootsteps coming down the hallway.

The door cracked and a man with a gun stomped inside. He shot each of the kids, except for one. Her name was Maggie, and she was covered with the remains of her friends and siblings. I stood up to the man, suddenly unafraid of his wrath. Who did he think he was, ending a poor childs life like that? I spit in his face, and he wiped off the spit and pulled out his army knife.

I hardly felt anything until afterwards. I fell to the ground, and I felt the liquid start to fill up my lungs. I stood there, wondering how long this torture would go on for. The man cut Maggie's throat, but she was dead in seconds. I felt the torture, I somehow envied Maggie and the children for having such a short death. I felt pools of blood come from my mouth, and I cried. I cried tears, but these weren't clear tears. Tears of blood, and I knew I wasn't done living. I was too young, and I knew I wouldn't go down so quikly. I knew I would come back to the living, or I would never rest in peace until I could say my last goodbyes.

End Of Flashback---------------------

I knew what was happening, Elissa was taking over. The dead always did this, whenever me and Rose were together. Our gift, Mother said. The dead would take over our minds, and put us through the torture they went through. This was one of the worst, I had to admit. Seeing their death wasn't the worst part, when they make us go through their torture in real life was the worst. The feelings of their deaths, their last moments in this world, the most terrifying moments of their lives.

I began to get dizzy, and I looked down at my wrists and found that more and more blood was spilling, and faster too. I just watched it, I had always taken blood from others, and now that it was my own it felt good in a way. Like I was paying all those innocent people back.

I began to see black spots in my hazy vision. This couldn't be good.

Hello readers! AN UPDATE! GASP! alots been going on, and I was just takin a break from the workd, sorry ficwaders. even The fameous Loran doesnt know whats going on, so people in my world are left in the dark ;)
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