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Fading Away Pt.1

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As a gift for helping me with alot of issues, Im posting two chapters for all you guys and Loran. ENJOY!

Chapter 17

Party Poisons POV

I scarfed down a can of power pup quickly, half in disgust for the nasty dog food taste, half in hunger from not eating much today. I was worried, worried for poor traumatized Grace, worried for us, the industries had noticeably gotten closer to finding us, and Drac patrols had doubled at night. Also,something I told myself i’d never worry about before, I was worried for Lady M.I mean, I shouldn’t right? She was a monster, whether I told her that or not. She probably is just pretending to have emotion, right? Nothing, that just kills a random prostitute, could have emotion. But, I had this feeling, like warm butterflies when she was near me. I knew she liked me, but that’s probably just lust. Or for my blood. Come to think of it, I hated her. I hated her for making me feel this way. It wasn’t love, it must’ve been hate. What am I thinking? I must have been letting this monster into my head. I knew I had to kill her, whether the guys liked it or not. Everyone seemed to like them, even the girls. My brother was dating the other monster, which made me even more angry. I had to talk to him and he other guys.

I stormed down the hallway and out the door to the roof, where Ghoul and Jet were chilling, and keeping watch as the sun began to fade.

“What do you think of THEM.” I said harshly. Even the word made me shudder.

“Who?” Ghoul said, Jet raised a eyebrow.

“The monsters,” I suggested.They just looked at me like was crazy,” Y’know, those bloodsuckers who are currently locked up in our prison cells?”

“Party, no matter what you say they are still partly human. ‘They’ are in there because ‘we’ are going to help them find a way not to kill humans. What’s gotten into you lately?” He asked me.

“Party,” Ghoul said cautiously,” Have you been drinking?” He asked again. Shit. They were onto me.

“Why is it any of your business!” I snapped.

“None, I guess. We were just worried.” I sighed, I was letting the terrible two get to my head.

“I’m going to have a nap.” I grumbled and went to my room and slept off the alcohol.

-----------3 hour later---------------

I awoke from my nap, all the beer I had drunken starting to wear off. I then realized, I was supposed to be watching after Lady M and Rose. I dashed down the hall towards the rooms and started out at Rose’s. I opened the door to Rose laying down on the creaky pull out bed we had in the cell.

“What the fuck?” She asked me sounding sleepy and confused.

“Vampires sleep?” I asked confused at the moment.

“Duh.” She said sounding pissed and very tired.

“I just came to check on you. Bye.” I said and she put the pillow over half of her face and continued to sleep.

I dashed over to Lady M’s room and immediatly sensed something was wrong. I heard nothing coming from the room, not even any breathing. I opened the door to see Lady Madnesses broken and bleeding body sprawled on the corner of the room. I ran to get Jet and Ghoul, finally realizing that the only one I had loved after the death of my wife, was dying. I couldn’t let this happen again. I wasn’t going to let her die.
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