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Fading Away (Part 2)

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Part 2!

Chapter 17 (Part two!)

Lady Madnesses POV

I felt my eyes beginning to close until I heard the sound of intense shouting. I had finally began to think this was going to be the end, and to tell you the truth I was kind of excited, a nice, easy ending. Dying, with no unconditional love I was sure was developing for Party Poison. Easy, no heartbreak, suffering, watching all the newly made friendship wither away as the Klljoys died. The mourning, loss,grief, and memories to hard to bare when they passed. I could tell the two gangs, the Fabulous Killjoys and The glamorous Killjoys, were very close. I knew that when I die, here tonight, Rose will run away to be a hidden soul in the desert. It was all so simple, and I had almost achieved, utter happiness as my blood flowed freely down my arms. It was ugly and beautiful in a very poetic way.

I then began to come into reality again, shouting,screaming, noise. I realized that they knew there was something wrong. This hasn’t turned out the way I planned. Shit.

I was half asleep, there was nothing I could do to stop the four men from coming in, and ‘saving’ me or whatever the heroic deed they thought they were doing. I just sat there, patiently waiting for death to come. I felt my eyes starting to close, and then I heard the shouting get closer. I opened my eyes to see what these mysterious voices were saying, and I was staring straight into the beautiful hazel eyes of Party Poison. I could feel myself getting lost in them, the seemingly endless mix of green and brown. After a couple seconds I tore my gaze away and saw Jet yelling orders at Ghoul and Kobra as he held, what I realized was Party’s T-shirt to my lacerations on my wrist. I looked back at party, which I might add, was shirtless at the moment. He carefully moved me onto his lap, and he cradled me like he did a couple days ago after the death of Dragon.

I heard muffled shouting, almost as if someone was shouting into a pillow. I finally managed to hear Jet shout.

“I’m going to find the doctor! Ghoul, and Kobra come with me, and Party stay with her!” I looked up to Part’s handsome face, and saw him nod. He looked like he was about to cry, and he was slowly shattering my heart into a million pieces.

There was so much commotion, and I could barely fight my own eyes to stop from closing.

“Stay awake sweetie! C’mon, talk to me please!?” He said it more of a question than a demand.

I opened my mouth but no sound would come out.

“P-party P-P-Poison?” I said after many attempts. I was starting to get really dizzy, and dying, in the only one that I had ever loved’s arms seemed like a really good place to die in. I was finally at peace, and I felt like nothing could take that away from me.

“Yes?” He answered, his hazel orbs wide with what I thought I saw was- worry?

“Do you hate me?” I needed to know. The glares he gave me earlier were worrying me, but I couldn’t be so selfish, he deserved to hate me. He should- i’m a monster.

“No! of course not! I-I-” He was interrupted as the Dr.D and the guys came in.

“Party? Bring this Crash Queen into the infirmary, and Show Pony will take it from there.” Party brought me down the hall, and as I began to fall unconscious again
I heard him whisper,

“I love you.”
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