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Misguided Ghosts

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hola! Daaang, ive said that one, but oh well. The next chapter............

I woke on a strange table, almost an operating table, in a complete daze. I looked down to my arm to see that over my forearm and wrist on my left side was completly covered in a tensor bandage. I tried to rise up, but the hazy black spots in my vision kept pulling me back down.

I looked around at the infirmary, it had less graffiti and it smelled like rubbing alchohal, and it was more organized. I looked behind me where I felt someone standing. Suddenly, Elissa apeared, or what I thought was Elissa. She had almost bleached blonde hair, a smooth face and if she was wearing the big poofy skirt and weird hair, she would look like a southern bell.

"Well, nice to see you awake, sleepy head." She told me.

"Well, after what you did to me, I kinda feel like crap. Amazing how that works, right?" I asked her sarcastically.

"Thank you sergent sarcasm, I can take it from here. Not my fault you got a crappy gift from whatever's out there."

"What the hell do you want,redneck." I said bitterly.

"Well Frenchy, I was gonna tell you about the future and give you those visions of the future, which everyone loves to get, but seeing as you don't want the help of a redneck, I must be going."

"No! Wait!" I yelled, much to loudly.

"Keep it down girly. Fine, i'll help you. Here's a little advice: Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer, not everything is as it seems. I'll try to help you, but you gotta listen instead of going all french brat again. There's a woman out there, keep a eye on her. She's not as nice as she seems. People are comin', so good luck LaBout." I opened my mouth to question how she knw about my nickname, but she vansihed as the creaky door slowly came open.

Show Pony and Dr.D came rolling in. Dr.D looked loud and proud as always, Show Pony skating around joyfully.

"How are you feeling Crash Queen?" Dr.D asked, his clear voice ringing through the tiny room.

"Not too bad considering." I said.

"You got the boys worried, especially Party."

"Oh, uhm, sorry?" I asked uncertainly. Man, he was confusing.

"C'mon Kitten, they'll want to see you." He said.

"Now or never." I replied and tried to gulp down my worry as I walked out of the nice cozy infirmary. I felt a bit dizzy as I walked for the first time in hours, or even days.

I walked down the dusty hallway and felt Elissa behind me. I turned around and saw nothing there. Typical.

I walked out to the Diner where Ghoul was sitting stretched out on the old ripped and beaten up couch, Jet was sitting and reading what looked like a manuel, and Kobra and Rose were sitting at a table talking, and what looked like, flirting. That didn't make me just wanna throw up whatever was left in my stomach. I felt everyones eyes on me.

I walked over where Rose was getting up and we joined hands and walked out of the Diner. We slowly walked, swinging arms as we held hands, and i've never felt more grateful to just have some silence for a couple minutes as we walked around aimlessly through the desert. After a couple more miles of walking, we climbed up a random rockly ledge. We sat crosslegged ontop, having a perfect view of the canyon below.

"One question, why?" She asked me. I took a huge breath, and continued my very long, confusing story.
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