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The prophecy

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sorry it's so short, I'm cleaning up a condo for my sister in a city 5 hours from my homes, so I'm writing this from my dads iPhone. I'm shaking so much because Some homeless drug adddicts just tried to talk and flirt with me, and I was pretty sure I was going to be killed or kidnapped. And my dog did absolutly nothing -.- so enjoy!

Suddenly Rose and I stopped senceing Elissa here. Suddenly she appeared eight in front of us.

"You!" loran said, as she finally pored together the puzzle pieces. Finally.

"No shit Sherlock." Elissa replied.

"what do you want NOW!?" She was starting to give me a headache.

"Well your royal highnesses, I thought I could be A bit of help in the war, but noo, let's just outcast the only hope for y'all!"

"You are NOT the only hope."

"And you think your kind are the angels coming from heaven? No, I don't think so. So listen. You have a big war ahead of you. We don't have rime for petty little arguements anymore. So put a fucking sock in it. What Itold frenchy number one, not everyone is how they seem, keep your friends close but your enemies closer. The dracs, they're almost like you, except half bloods. They wear masks because the half bloods hate the sun, it burns them. Not spontainiously, it starts out like a sunburn and hey loose focus. The other half is part human, part computer. The scarecrows, are 3/4 vampire, but the quatre that's left is all human.They do hav thoughts, but all ruthless thoughts of murder and vengeance. The last thing to watch out for, re the fellow vampires. Full bloods, like yourselves. Some, but very few are on the killjoy side, but others are on the Industries side. Hey are ruthless, viscious and purely evil. The industries runs tests and inserts chemicals, machinery and even more things you cannot even fathom. There are also half bloods, but the difference between them from Dracs is much different. They are much smarter,but they are not stronger. There are all kinds of things I cannot even explain to you, not even a mortal nor immortal will ever understand.


"I have to go, before they find me. Tell the other Killjoys,hey seem to trust you."

ROse nodded, she was clearly in shock. It was finally the time the unimaginable had cave true.

Our prophecy, was right.
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