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The Perfect Storm

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Kinda short, but better than nothing I suppose. More coming soon hopefully! :)

We ran through the warm windy desert, sweat running down both of our faces. It was in the middle of a major heatwave, and the blue skies were almost a green with all the toxins from Better Living in the air. Just as we felt closer to the safety of the base, almost safe from all the better living people, out from behind came a single beem of light, just barely skimming the side of my head. I could even feel the heat radiating off the ray gun blast, threating to take my flesh with it.

I looked behind us as we ran, and found myself staring at dousens of draculoids and scarecrows, some on bikes, some in cars or vans, but all doing the same thing, catching up to us.

I knew Rose had noticed just after me, because we both started running faster than we ever had before. We were both getting just as equally exaughsted too, because I could now hear her heavy breathing over the warm wind whipping through my hair into my ears. And this wind wasn't even a nice, cool wind, it was the kind of wind that makes you wanna puke because its so warm.

"Hide!" I said to her, as we approached a huge boulder that I knew, was right near base.

We both jumped behind the big boulder, and I glanced back just to make sure the gang there sent to kill us wasn't to close.

"We don't have time Ivy!" She whispered harshly beside me.

"I understand that! We can't let them near Grace or the guys, we have to go another way!" I spoke logically, but still just as equally harshly.

"We have tosplit up." Rose said, finally breaking both of our thoughts. She was right, we would run out of energy faster than they would run out of fuel. I was planning the perfect storm in my head, how we were gonna escape. And if any of us had to die, I knew it would be me. I couldn't live without Rose, or Party Poison or anyone else getting hurt, when there was something I could do about it.

"You go left while I distract them, got it?" I asked her sternly.

"But Iv-"

"Not but's, we don't have time to argue about this. I'll be fine, GO!"

"Sister's in arms." She said sadly,


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