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All's fair in Love and War.

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I fail at summaries but please read. FRERARD

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This is my first fanfic ever so its probs no good, i know this chapter is really short but i have work to be doing..... I'll update soon.

Gerard's POV

The annoying alarm distracted me from my daydreaming. I'd been doing a lot of that recently. Very recently. Well, since Frank started coming round. He barely knows me though I was only Mikey's older brother to him. But Frank stuck in my mind like glue, now every dream i had revolved around him, day or night and i snatched every opportunity i could to talk to him. I was acting like a teenager with a crush...probably because thats what I am....
I grabbed a peice of paper and a pencil and doodled mindlessly not concentrating in the slightest on the paper only the image in my head. I was remebering the time when Frank had to take a shower at ours, he walked out of our bathroom in just his boxers. I nearly exploded with happiness at the sight of his muscular body standing there in my hallway.
"Oh hey there Gee" He'd said, "Getting a good look." He winked and smiled his heartwrenching smile. I could only blush.
I was suddenly brought back to present by my phone bleeping in my pocket. It was from that same unknown number. Another hate mail. I'm so sick of them.
I looked down at my drawing, it was of Frank.
As much as I hated the bullying I know i'd get through it...
becasue of Frank.....
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