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Everybody's got a secret

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secrets have a way of staying that way...

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I should tell Mikey.He knows about the face to face bullying, the name calling, the shoves, the punches but not the texts. I should also tell him how i feel about Frank. Mikey told me about him being Bi last year. I remeber that day perfectly. We were hanging out in the park after school, just me and Mikey. We sat on a bench, a rickety old one that was in memory of a lady on our street and watched some guys jogging around the lake. One of them, as joke pulled the other ones trousers and boxers down. Mikey smiled, just slightly. Then I knew.
"You're gay, aren't you?" I asked.
"No Gee," He replied, acting like he was the older brother "I'm Bi." he chuckled, then jogged off.
"Where are you going?" I yelled, getting up to follow him.
"Getting their numbers, of course." He chuckled and winked before attempting to run in his tight black jeans. Now Mikey had more guys numbers than girls.

I still couldn't work up the courage. Even if i did tell him i wouldn't tell him about Frank. No one will know about that, apart from me and maybe Frank if i decide to tell him. It probably won't come to that though, how i feel will fade away, just another teenage crush. I'll soon forget how much i like Frank. Won't I....?

Sorry its really short again, need to do more work :L i'll update soon
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