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"Who do you like, Gee"

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Frank was at mine, again. He was here so often that mum asked him if he was moving in the other day. I haven't got a problem with Frank being here infact i love that he's here but i've barely seen Gee recently. Whenever Gee sees that I'm with Frank he leaves us to ourselves, listening to music or watching a film. I'm sick of it. I got up and paused the Xbox. Frank stared at me with a puzzled expression in his deep eyes.
"I'm getting Gee..." I said, with less conviction than before.
"Sure thing, Mikes" He replied, unzipping his hoodie. I pulled my door open and jumped down the stairs, two at a time which is pretty hard in skinny jeans.
"Gee! Gee, where are you??" I shouted, checking the kitchen.
"In here, Mikey." He replied, from the living room. He was sat with his legs curled under him a cup of coffee in his hand watching the news.
"Come on Gee, come upstairs and hang out with me and Frankie." He winced when i finished my sentence.
"No thanks Mikey, I'm fine down here."
"Anyway, I invited Ray round, he'll be here so..." there was aknock on the door interupting Gee. "now." he finished. Gerard stood up and stretched his legs out, cracking his knees and went to answer the door.
"Hey Mikey!" Ray said, giving me a hi five and a guy hug "Long time no see!"
"Yeah.... Do you and Gee wanna come upstairs and hang out with me and Frank." I asked, Gee shot me a glare. I was surprised by how icey cold that glare was. He'd never looked at me like that before.
"Sure, we do. Right Gee?"
"Sure thing Ray." Gerard replied, sounding bored. What was wrong with him i wondered as we walked up the stairs... something was seriously wrong.


Why couldn't Mikey just leave me alone? I don't need to hang out with him and Frankie. When he called Frank, Frankie I felt sick. Sick with horror, how dare he use that pet name before I did. I also felt sick with jealousy. Was he really that close to Frankie that he could call him that out loud. Frank was sat cross-legged on the floor, looking extremely cute wearing a confused expression. He was flitting his hands round his face staring into the distance as if he was figuring something complicated out.
"What you doing.. Frankie" I added on as an afterthought. His eyes snapped back and widened slightly as if he was scared.
"Just maths Gee." I felt a tingle when he used me nickname. He locked his eyes with mine and smiled. Then Mikey ruined things, again.
"What do you guys wanna do then?" He asked.
"I don't care Mikey" I replied harshly, Frankie looked shocked then broke eye contact.
"How about truth or dare?" Ray suggested.
"Sure." Frank agreed.
"That sounds fun" Mikey replied, enthusiastically.I grunted. Mikey went to grab a bottle from the kitchen. I felt my phone bleep in my pocket and pulled it out to check it.
"Who's that?" Mikey asked returning to the room, beer bottle in his hand.
"Mum, she says shes gonna be out all night and we can each have a friend to stay." Mikey looked at Frank and I looked at Ray.
"Its cool with me," Ray replied "My parents are away."
"I can stay" Frank replied, smiling.
"Good." Mikey said, stopping the conversation.
Mikey put the bottle on the floor.
It spun.
Please don't let it come to me,
it carried on spinning.
I know what they'll ask.
It slowed down.
It stopped.
"So, truth, who do you like Gee?" Mikey asked.
Aww hell.

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