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Lies and kisses

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Gee Lies, Frank kisses.

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Authors Note
I'm so so so so sorry for not updating sooner, my laptop got taken away and i cant go on ficwad on the main comp coz my parents will read it and be disturbed. Thankyou to everyone who is reading :D love you guysss x


"Who do you like Gee?" I asked him. He looked up at me with a horrified expression plastered on his face. His brows furrowed together in concentration.
"um.... Lucy.." He replied saying her name like it was a question. Ray looked pissed off.
"aww, thats cute, you two would make a really good couple" Frankie said, causing Gerard to look as if his whole world had fallen apart. I don't get it..what's the big deal. What's wrong with him?


I couln't say Frank, I'm a coward I'm a wimp. I couldn't tell them all that I like Frank. So I lied. I told them I liked Lucy even though I barely know her and shes not even attractive.
"aww, thats cute, you two would make a really good couple" Frank said.
He thinks I would make a good couple....with Lucy..Not him..
and not him...
I felt a lump in my throat, He'd never like me because he thinks I like her. I don't Frakie, I don't. It's you I like, It's you I love....
I felt my heart shatter. Frank was sat there with his heartmelting smile, completely oblivious to all the pain he was causing me. He was so beautiful and he could never be mine, never would be mine. I stood up and strode out of the room yelling "I need some air."
I ran outside into the garden. I saw red and began kicking the fences and the walls furiosly trying to get out my anger.
I hate him
I hate him
"I HATE HIM" I screeched at the top of my lungs, tears streaming down my face. I collapsed on the ground, worn out, crying softly to myself. I looked up to see Frank, Mikey and Ray still playing. It landed on Frank. Ray said something and Frank nodded. He leant over and kissed Mikey...on the lips. That brought with it another crying fit. Frank and Mikey, kissing. Kissing. He was kissing Mikey instead of me. Jealousy engulfed me. I could kill him, both of them. My phone buzzed in my pocket. I took it out and opened the new text. It read:

Stop crying, baby Faggot. pathetic bastard isn't loved by anyone.

I looked to see who had sent it but there was no-one there. They're right, I'm nothing, Im a nobody. No-one loves me. Would anybody miss me if i died.

No, I don't think they would.

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