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Ghost of you.

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Gee tells us about bob

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I can't take it anymore. Why am I living if i just want to die? Why do all the innocent people die? Why did Bob have to die. Why was Bob lucky enough to die. Why wasn't it me?

2 years earlier.

"I bet I can climb higher than you" Bob taunted, checking the branch with his foot before advancing up the tree.
"No way!" Ray yelled from about 7 branches below me. I laughed, I could easily climb higher but I wanted Bob to have fun trying to beat me.
"Don't go too high." Mikey mumbled from the ground, his lip quivering slightly as my foot slid off a branch. I dangled for a second, getting a jump in my heart but managed to regain my balance and hold on the tree.
"I'm not gonna fall Mikey, Promise." I assured him.
"Don't make promises you can't keep Gee!" He replied stomping into the house. He was only mad because mum had made him try on a suit for our aunt's wedding so he wasn't allowed to climb the tree. We climbed in silence for a few minutes, then i noticed how high Bob was.
"Bob, I think you're high enough." I yelled up to him.
"I'm getting down." I heard Ray mutter before clambering down the few branches he had managed to climb.
"Me too." I replied to Ray, "You coming Bob?" I shouted up to him.
"No-effing-way, Way."
"oh HAHA, but seriously, come down now."
"I wanna reach the top!" He shouted back.I reached the floor.
"Bob, don't be so childish, you sound like a five year old!" I yelled back to him. I stepped out to join Ray in the middle of my garden, Bob was really high up now.
"Bob, come down you're gonna fall!" Ray yelled.
"Almost there!" He replied. He reached up to grab a branch. He had made it. He was at the top. Ray and I cheered and clapped.
"Well done!" I yelled, smiling at Bob's truimphant smile, "Now come down."
"Sure thing." He stepped back down onto a branch. His truimphant smile dropped as we all heard it. CRACK.
"BOB!" Ray and I screamed in unison. It was too late, the branch snapped. Bob fell. He fell through the sky. It was beautiful in a sick and twisted way, his body flopping.It was completely peaceful apart from the screams coming from him. They were sounds of ultimate terror. Ray and I screamed with him. In terror for our friend but there was nothing we could do. He hit the ground with a sickening thud. We ran over to him. He was lying on the ground. He looked so calm, he could be sleeping. But necks never bend at that angle. And you never sleep with your eyes wide open, staring blankly into the sky. His whole back was twisted to the wrong angle and there was blood everywhere. all over him. Staining the floor. Staining my sight.
He was.. Dead..
Bob was dead.
He could never be a drummer.
Never get the A grades he promised his parents.
Never ask Melanie to prom.
He would never smile again.
His lat words were sure thing.

Ray and I collapsed by his side, cring tears of rage and anger. Why Bob? Why now? He had so much to live for.
So many hopes and dreams.

And all the smiles that are never gonna haunt me......

Thanks to anyone that reviwed/read my oneshot XD much appreciated :)
I'll update soon
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