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How long can you live with a broken heart?

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...... Gerard is about to come clean when...

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Just thinking of Bob made me sadder than ever. Any sucidal thoughts were banished from my head. What would Bob think if he thought I was going to commit suicide? He would be so ashamed. I looked down at my arms.
They were bleeding.
There was a knife in my hand. I must have done this while I was thinking about Bob. I watched the red drip onto the floor. I watched all the anger just drop away into nothingness. It was a relief, like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I've found it. My solution. My way to survive everything life throws at me. I smiled, silent tears running down my face. Then the kitchen door opened.

"Frankie.." Mikey pleaded, "You know how much I love you.." My heart jumped a little bit. Mikey loved me? "Yes Mikey.."
"Can I have some coffee?" He replied.
"And me" added Ray. I nodded. I was heading down the stairs when I heard sobbing and someone crying out a name.
"bob-b-b-bob. come down. my fault. Bob" the voice said. I walked into the kitchen to find a sight that terrified and disgusted me. Gerard. Selfharming.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Frank asked, a look of horror in his eyes.
"It's not what it looks like!" I replied, reflexively.
"Are you sure. Coz it looks like your'e selfharming?!" he replied, half screeching the last word.
"Shh, please." I replied sobbing. "Shh, dont. Mikey. know. Milkey." he looked at the floor to see a pool of my blood staining the kitchen tiles.
"Lets get you cleaned up." He said.

I helped Gerard get cleaned up and used the emergency first aid kit to get bandages and wrap his arms up. "Why did you do it?" I asked, I was inches away from his face. He sighed.
"I'm worthless Frankie." He said, factually.
"Don't you fucking dare say that Gerard Way!" I half yelled at him. "You are a beautiful human being and you have as much right to be on tis earth as anyone else does. Your'e a great person and I admire you're strength. Promise me."
"Promise you what Frankie." He teased, his mouth turning up at the corners.
"You know what."
"Fine, I promise I won't selfharm anymore."
"Thankyou Gerard, If you need to talk. I'm here." I replied, kissing his forehead."Now, give me a hand with these coffee's."

Gerard and Frank came up with the coffees. I sipped mine bitterly. Gerard and Lucy. Lucy and Gerard. Whichever way i put it, it wouldn't fit. Ray and Lucy worked much better. I may as well give up, if Gerard likes her then what's the point? He's much more attractive than me, girls fall at his feet everyday. I have'nt got a chance.
"I'm heading home to pick up some stuff." I said, standing up, my knees clicking.
"Cya later, Ray" The Lucy-Lover sanswered.

Gee headed downstairs to watch TV, leaving me and Frank in my room.
"Yes Mikey."
"You look really sexy in that shirt." I said, uncertaintly, with a giggle. He moved his face really close to mine so that I could feel his breath on my cheek. I stared into his eyes and felt myself go numb.
"You know Mikey.." He said,seductivley, playing with my hand, "You look sexy.." He inched closer "..all the time.." I crushed my lips against his. His response was immediate. He pulled me close to him wrapping his arms round my back. He opened his mouth slightly and I invaded it with my tongue. He gave a soft moan of pleasure. I pulled away to look at him.
"Mikey, Will you be my boyfriend?" Frank asked, biting my lip,looking inncredibly fuckable.
"Hell yeah." I replied, snogging him again. I broke away "Lets go tell Gee."
"We have all night for this.." He replied, kissing my forehead.

I'm gonna tell Mikey. I'm gonna tell him that I'm Gay and that I like Frank. I heard him come down the stairs. "Mikey!" I yelled, he poked his head round the door before replying.
"Gee, I have some great news."
"I've got something to tell you as well. You go first."
"Frank and I are dating." He said, overjoyed, pulling Frank into the room. Frank squeezed Mikey's arse, looking just as thrilled as Mikey.
I ran. I ran out of the room and through the kitchen. I ran down the road. I ran as far as I could. I collapsed onto a bench, out of breath, heartbroken and lost.
Frank and Mikey. Frank and Mikey. Frank and Mikey.FrankandMikey.frankandmikeyfrankandmikeyfrankandmikey.
I wish I was dead.
Mikey and Frank? Why would Frank go out with Mikey?Why not me? I realised I had grabbed something as i ran out of the house. I looked down to see a kitchen knife clenched in my hand.
This is for you Frankie. I looked at the knife. Hello there, old friend.

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