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"I don't love you Like I did Yesterday"

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AUTHORS NOTE: told ya I'd make it a frerard :) enjoy and R&R pleaseee:)


Why did he run? I thought he'd be happy for me and Mikey. I thought he'd want to celebrate with us. Also.. why did it hurt me so much? When I asked out Mikey all I could do was think about Gee. His smile, his sexy lau-

I'm thinking of Gerard when I'm going out with Mikey!
Maybe you chose the wrong brother a cold voice inside me sneered.
No shut up, I love Mikey!
Not as much as you love Gerard..... the voice trailed away, I couldn't argue.. it was true. These past few weeks all I could think about is Gerard. Why did I ask Mikey out?
Mikey looked up at me and then pressed his lips against mine. I slowly sank back against the couch. I wish it was Gerard doing this to me. I was Gerard was the one forcing me to snog him. I pulled away abruptly, ignoring the hurt in Mikey's eyes.
"I'm going to look for Gerard." I said, getting up off the couch.
"Okay, I'll wait here for Ray." I opened the door and stepped out into the harsh wind. You chose a great day not to bring a jacket.. i grumbled to myself heading down the street.

The scarlett blood had long stopped flowing. I bandaged my arms up using the spares in my pocket. The old lady that had been feeding the pidgeons had screamed before running away as fast as her little legs could carry her.
"Gee?" It was Frankie.
"What do you want?" I asked, glad that I had finished putting the bandages before he turned up.
"These are fresh." He said pointing to the bandages. Crap. It wasn't a question but a statement.
"So what?"
"SO WHAT?" He schreeched "SO FUCKING WHAT?" There were tears in his eyes. "Didn't I make you promise not to do this, didn't i explain it well enough, YOU DON@T NEED TO SELF HARM GERARD. Your'e beautiful just the way you are!" God, he was sexy when he was angry.
"but not beautiful enough for you." I said, just low enough that he couldn't hear.
"Why did you do it, I said you could talk to me if you needed to let any emotion out! Gerard. GEE, Listen to me!"
"OH, Just go home and fuck my brother!" I yelled, instantly regretting it. He looked shocked for a moment, with tears still streaming down his face. We both lunged forward at the same time and crushed our lips together. He opened his mouth and I invaded it with my tongue, he did the same to mine. We pulled closer to each other, me pulling Franks shirt and him shoving his hands in my back pocket. We got as close as we could to each other, Frank straddling me. We stayed there getting as close as we could for at least ten minutes. Then we heard a voice.
"What the Fuck are you doing?"
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