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When life gets crap, crap goes down

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... Mark..

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"What the fuck are you doing?" Gerard and I sprung apart. I looked up through my fringe. Thank God it wasn't Mikey. I didn't recognise this guy though. He was tall with blonde hair and huge muscles, a typical jock. Gerard trembled by my side. If Gerard was scared...
"We are in some deep shit.." Gee whispered into my ear. I squeezed his hand.
"So.." The guy started "Gerard and I have already had the..pleasure... of meeting" He said pleasure with a sneer.
"M-Mark.." Gerard said, trying and failing to stop his voice from trembling.
"Hi there.. So here's how things are gonna go down. Gerard is gonna come with me so that I can 'talk to him'. But don't worry your Gay little head.. It's Frank right?" I nodded, meekly, realising it was best for me to stay quiet. "Imma call you, Frankie.. So Frankie, don't you worry your gay little head. I'll talk to Gerard and I'll get some of my friends to sort you out."
"Don't hurt Frank." Gerard said,standing up blocking me from Mark.
"Aww, cute.." He spat on the floor. "I don't think thats gunna wor-"
"You can do whatever you want to me..just don't hurt Frank."
"Whatever I want... Thats quite a big word Gerard." He smiled, sickeningly, taunting Gee.
"" Gerard repeated slowly.
"So I can do this." He quickly pulled Gerard's shirt off leaving him exposed to the cold weather. He then trailed his fingers down Gee's chest stopping just before his belt. I felt sick. "Well, can I?" Mark demanded.
"Yes." Gerard mumbled feebly.
"I didn't hear you."
"I said YES!" Gerard yelled, a tear rolling down his cheek. Mark turned to me, smiling dementedly before lunging at me and forcing his mouth onto mine, his tongue down my throat.

"What the fuck are you doing to my boyfriend!?" came a voice. He pushed me away, wiping his mouth. Crap.
Mikey was here. With pury fury in his eyes and tears of pain dripping down his cheeks.
Mark looked between the three of us before putting two and two together. He laughed demonically.
"Oh, this is rich," He said. "Are you gonna tell him or am I?"
"Tell me what?"
"Mikey.." Gerard said, tears streaming from his eyes.
"TELL ME!" Mikey yelled.
"Your boyfriend." Mark sneered, "Has been cheating on you, with your brother."
I saw Mikey break. He literally sagged and it was all my fault. His eyes were dead and were full of sadness. I looked at Gerard with horror.Mikey fell to the ground and voilently threw up.
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