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I don't believe in luck They don't believe in us

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Mikeys POV

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FrankandGerard. Frank and Gerard. MY boyfriend and MY brother. How could they do this.
Them,Kissing,snogging. Laughing at me. Frankie probably never liked me anyway. Why would he when he could have my 'sexier brother'. I opened my eyes, blinded by tears, i stood up and saw that I had vomited. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand.
"In case you hadn't guessed.. YOUR DUMPED!" I screeched at Frank, who cowered into Gerard. I spat towards them. Mark laughed. and laughed. and laughed. It filled my head, his laugh, his demonic laugh. His crazy laugh. Just laughing and laughing at me till i thought i would explode. He kept laughing. More and more and more.
I snapped.
"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU LAUGHING AT?!" I screamed, throwing myself at him, knocking him to the floor. I punched him hard in the face and heard a sickening crunch. his nose. Suddenly all I wanted was to kill this guy. I punched and punched and punched. He was coated in blood. It was flowing from his nose.
He whimpered "I SAID YOU LIKE THIS ASSWIPE!" I yelled punching him again. I pushed myself off him and stood up, towering over him. I kicked him hard in the ribs, hearing a few cracks only fuelled me on. Mark was fully crying now, the tears mixing with the blood that was running down his face. He looked truly terrified.
Good. I smashed my foot into his face, causing him to lose conciousness.
"Mikes.." I heard, whispered sofly."Get away from him now." a strong pair of arms pulled me away from Mark. I looked up to see Gee, crying.
"WHAT THE FUCK HAVE YOU GOT CRY ABOUT?!" I yelled, before punching him in the face. He staggered backwards and was caught by Frank.
"Please, Mikey" Gee said, "You don't know what your doing."
"I know exactly what i'm doing!" I replied.
"No, Gerard, just shut the fuck up its my turn to talk. All my life youv'e got all the good stuff. The best grades, the best girls, the best musical talent. Youv'e had it all. You got all the chances. Dad was most proud of you, you were his favourite son and your mums aswell. Your the only one they've ever cared about,not me. Not little nerdy Mikey. Everyones ashamed of me. You look at our Dad and our pretty mum. They look at you and see that you fit but not me. I'll never fit, I'll always be an outcast. Always on my own. You had friends of your own. You have Ray and you had Bob. Not to mention all the girls that used to swarm around you. I was on my own. Being bullied. I used to sit in the corner of the playground, wishing someone would kill me. I used to watch the news everyday and if I heard about a murder I wouldn't feel sorry for the person that had died, I would be jealous. I lived everyday of my life wishing it was my last. I put on an act, pretended I wad fine but I was always hurting inside, 'til I met Frank. HE made me feel special. Made me feel like I was important. He made me feel wanted in the world. We became best friends, then I slowly realised I like him, fuck that I loved him. He was the only good thing in my life. And now youv'e gone and stolen him from me and theres no light in the world anymore. I'm alone again and its all your fault Gerard Way."

So sorry these chappies are so short but i'm trying to update lots:) please R&R and thankyou to anyone who already has. Love you guys. :) Erin x
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