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And if we can find where we belong

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when things split at the seams.

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I was speechless.
I never knew Mikey felt like that. Its my fault..this is all my fault. All this destruction..its all me. I opened my mouth, trying to find the words to aplogise. Trying to turn all this mess in my head into an apology.
"It's not Gee's fault." I heard Frank mumble.
"What did you say?" Mikey asked, calmly. But it was the wrong kind of calm. The kind before a storm
"Its not Gee's fault." Frankie said, with slightly more conviction than before. "Its mine."
"No Frank.." I said, "Your not taking the flack for me this time. Its my fault. I'm so sorry Mikey." I turned to my brother who looked truly deranged. His eyes were cold and full of a half tamed madness. His hair was matted together with Marks blood. His hands were covered in blood, the same blood that stained his shirt and jeans. He tipped his head to one side staring at me through mad eyes. But underneath the madness and the anger all I could see was hurt. When I looked at my brother I got the impression that I was looking at a corpse. Had it not been for the shallow rise and fall of his chest I would have thought he was dead. His eyes that had earlier been full of hope and dreams were full of hatred and anger.
He loves Frank. And I stole him. I stole Frank from him. Frank isn't mine..he's..
Just for a second I imagined that I had never kissed Frank, that I had never loved Frank. Would he have stayed with Mikey. A daydream flung itself into my head.
Frank and Mikey together. As Partners. As Lovers.
Frank changing his last name to Way. Not after me but after Mikey.
Frank and Mikey adopting children: A boy and a girl. Them growing old together and living in a little house in the countryside. Them dying together. Forever in love. Forever together. As one.
I've ruined it. I've ruined it all.

"I'm so so sorry Mikey." I forced out of my mouth, choking on each word. "I'm sorry I stole Frank from you. I'm sorry I love him. I'm sorry he's yours and I took him anyway. I-I just...need you to understand... I love you Mikey..Your my-my Brother and Mum and Dad..they love you too. I'm so-sorry."
He looked up at me, eyes no longer deranged. No longer full of hatred.
"It's too late." He whispered.
"The damage is done Gee."
"Mikey." This time Frank spoke. "I'm sorry, We shouldn't have gone out, not while I loved Gerard. I'm so sorry. But I love you. It's just not in the right way. I love you like a brother, not like a boyfriend. I did love yo-"
"Thats enough Frank." I butted in.
"Do you really think thats what Mikey needs to hear right now?" I asked.
"Its ok Gee." Mikey said."Enjoy my brother Frankie."
He walked away. We watched his figure retreat into the sunset. Neither of us followed him because we knew he needed to be alone. But we didn't.
"Gee..I Lo-"
"No Frank."
"What-Whats wrong." Frank asked, gazing up at me with his tear filled eyes.
"I can't go out with you. I couldn't do that to Mikey." Those words physically hurt me to say. Telling my one true love I couldn't date him. I didn't look at Frank.
I just walked away.
I kept on walking.
Away from Frank.
Away From Mikey.
Away from everything.
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