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I heard a voice behind me yelling my name. I didn't stop.

Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank, Frank.
I Love him.

I felt a hand grabbed my arm. "Piss off" I growled. The person attached to the hand spun me around before throwing themsleves at me, kissing me feverishly, pulling their hands through my hair. They invaded my mouth pushing their tounge through my teeth. I moaned slightly giving person better acsess. I knew exactly who this was.
"Frank.." I whispered, breaking away from the kiss. He threw himslelf forward pressing his small body against mine. I could feel his erection pressing against my thigh.
I had to stop. I have to stop...
but why?
I stopped caring and let go. I kissed Frank over and over, sweet sensations of pleasure washing over me, causing us to moan and whimper. I don't know how long we stood there but when we broke away it had started raining and we were coated in a light drizzle. Franks hair flopped down onto his face, his fringe plastered to his foehead. He looked so adorable and beautiful. I wanted him to be mine. I wanted to make him moan.
I wanted to hear him scream.
But I couldn't.
Could I?
Frank stared up at me with his deep hazel eyes. They stretched on like endless pools. I nuzzled my face into his hair.
"You are so...fucking..beautiful.." I moaned. We stayed there for at least ten minutes, swaying in our own bubble of pure bliss.
I felt so happy so full of warmth and sunshine I didn't know how I hadn't already spontaneously combusted.

Everything was perfect.

AUTHORS NOTE: I'm sorry these chappies are really short but I'm trying to regularly updated but its hard fitting it in with schoolwork and such. Please keep reading and reviewing:) Love ya'll Erin x
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