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Part 1

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Takes place after death of the wicked witch, takes things from book and musical. At the annual Ozian Ball everything and anything can happen. Elsie is used to being the main attraction with drunk a...

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At The Ozian Ball

Plot: Takes place after death of the wicked witch, takes things from book and musical. At the annual Ozian Ball everything and anything can happen. Elsie is used to being the main attraction with drunk and brave men asking for her hand in marriage. But what awaits the daughter of Glinda the Good this year at the Ball?

Femslash: Gelphie, and original characters

Disclaimer: Not making ANY money off of this. Don't want to make money off of this, I just was hoping for some reviews. Its been a long time since I wrote a fanfiction, so stick with me please. I promise to try to update continually. Sorry, know there's a sequel to Wicked by Gregory Maguire and I have yet to read it! So, this fic goes with the book and the musical.

Part 1

For years, she mourned. She mourned so much she became ill and worried all of Oz. After all when the 'Wonderful Wizard of Oz left he left behind a country that had depended on his 'wisdom'. When the citizens of Oz watched him fly off in a bubble and then their beloved Hero Dorothy disappear into nothing but a pair of shoes they knew that they could only depend on her now. On Glinda the Good Witch. Though she never felt like she did any good for the longest time. She sulked, in private of course. She had to keep up her facade of happiness that her beloved Elphaba was murdered by that wretched girl Dorothy. After the 'melting' Glinda had made it a point to see the remains of her friend. A friend she had done nothing to help. Though she had promised Elphaba to let Oz believe she was truly wicked, she did not realize how much of a damper that put on her heart. Every other day here in Oz was filled with snide comments about The Wicked Witch of the West. And every time Glinda wanted to scream and yell at them, to proclaim the truth for all to hear. But those two fatal words ensured her that she could not.
Glinda sometimes hated Elphaba. Most of the times she couldn't help the tears of sorrow and regret from falling down her face and in the end messing up her makeup. All the time Glinda felt the love she had for her friend. The love she never was able to share with the green girl from Shiz. Glinda had lived her life, the best she could. Just like she promised she'd do. But that never changed the fact that in her room, alone at night she'd be left alone in the dark to deal with her demons. Demons that always resembled a face with soft skin, piercing eyes and a smile that brightened up the entire picture of that face. A smile, Glinda wished she'd just be able to see one more time. Hear that famous laugh once more, and to be able to touch the woman she'd desired since she was a collage girl one last time.

Glinda still mourned, till she day she mourned the loss of something she knew could have been great. Greater then the Wizard himself, that loss hit home for Glinda every night when she walked into her bedchambers to an empty bed. Her heart was filled with joy and love, but not the love for a lover, or a soul mate. But the love for a child, her child. Not even a year after Elphaba had been murdered Glinda found out that she was pregnant. She knew it was not Fiyero's for it had been too long since she had been with him for her to be pregnant with his child. Glinda also knew that she had, had many flings with men in the time that past after Elphaba's death. Looking for something she couldn't get from the one she wanted it from, so she looked for it in others. Ones that had the same long mane of dark hair, those same piercing eyes, and a smile that resembled hers. In the end Glinda had no idea which of the three men she had been with was the father of her child. After her first trimester she had made it a public announcement that she was with child and would be taking her duties still and putting the same care she put into them as she had before she was pregnant.

The men in Oz were not too thrilled with a woman with child being their leader, their political leader and they doubted a mother could handle what a man could. But as the years passed on Glinda proved her worth to all as their leader, and her daughter they came to love just as much as she did.

Elsie, Glinda's daughter had come to be the most eligible bachelorette in all of Oz. Every man wanted her. She was a mixture of her mother and her unknown father, (Glinda saying it was for privacy and safety to keep her father hidden from the people of Oz. For his safety.) Elsie had dirty blonde hair, the color of the desert sand. Her eyes one blue one green, and her figure strong yet slender. Powerful yet graceful, and in some amazement the young woman was already showing great amount of sorceress' power. Glinda knew for certain that she was no sorceress herself, though she had power, yes, but not as much as Elsie, or Elphaba.

Glinda was now nearing old age, and though she knew it she let no one else know it. She was still as beautiful as she had been in school. Though she was a little more plum around the edges she still held her figure and her bright smile. Now it was just passed on to her daughter. Her wonderful beautiful daughter who at this moment was infuriating her to no end.

"Elsie I swear if you do not stop playing these games I will leave you hear to rot while I attend the ball." Glinda said her voice laced with anger and frustration.

It was the night of the annual Ozian Ball and her daughter was no where to be found. The guard that had been stationed at her door had informed Glinda that the seventeen year old had not left the room. Glinda knew that the only other way out of this room was to use the balcony, which was impossible. They were up six flights. The only one able to enter that way was a ghost of a memory.

Elsie hated the annual Ozian Ball that they held in their palace. She hated that it had to be held here, and that she had to attend from the time she was a mere infant. If it wasn't some drunk fool it was some brave soul that asked for her hand in marriage at this Ball. For it was the best and most romantic time of the year to do so, to any maiden. Except for this maiden. Elsie hated going to the ball because she hated to let down so many hopeful men. She was not in love with them, so she was not going to marry them even if her mother told her that some of them would take care of her and love her till the day she died.

Elsie was also NOT in the mood for this type of Ball. This year it was a masquerade Ball. Which meant she would be unable to see the faces of those asking for her hand in marriage, or the faces of those wanting to dance with her, or staring at her from afar. She hated not knowing who was talking to her. She had learned at a young age that it was not safe. But her mother insisted that the guards would be stationed around the palace and that each guest must be invited to be even able to make their way into the Ball. Two from each family was invited, only two because now a days there were too many to invite everyone to the Ball, so only the quite wealthy and then the middle class were able to reach the inside of the palace. The others had to stay in the palace's courtyard. And await the year they would be able to join Glinda and Elsie inside the palace walls.

Elsie came out from hiding. She had been in her closet. She opened the door and looked at her mother. She was wearing a night blue dress that went down to her ankles and was strapless. Her mother had promised she would be allowed to pick her gown, and instead of picking it she had made it herself. Elsie wasn't sure why but she liked using her hands. She liked doing this for herself, and nor letting others do it for her. Though she did have help from her friend Tessa. (No pun intended)

When Elsie looked up at her mother she saw her mothers anger fall away some where and she saw admiration appear in her mother's eyes. She had to smile. She looked down at her dress and then up at her mother. Her hands gripping tightly at the dress, that opened slightly at the bottom. Elsie knew she looked nice in this color and that it matched her eyes, both of them.

"You look wonderful, dear." Glinda said with a warm smile.

Elsie looked at her mother and then down at her dress one last time. She took a deep breathe and let it out as she walked up to her mother and laced her arm with her mother's extended one. They were ready for the Ball.

As they walked down the hallway to the Ballroom Elsie felt her mother stop walking. She turned to look at her mother and saw she was putting on her mask. It was gold with three white sparkling jewels. Elsie sighed and watched as her mother took a mask out for her. It was Gold with blue diamonds along the top that matched her dress. She looked at it and ran her fingers over the mask. It would only cover her eyes, but then again the eyes were the window to a person's soul.

"Mother, its beautiful." Elsie said in a hushed whisper.

Glinda smiled and leaned down to kiss her daughters forehead. "Not as beautiful as you, my dear." Glinda said and watched as her daughter teared up. "No crying dear. A lady never cries in public." Glinda said as she stood up tall.

Elsie took her mother's example and stood up straight and wiped her two tears and took a deep breathe and with shaky hands she put the mask over her face and adjusted it. When she looked out in front of her the doors to the Ballroom were opening and she looked up at her mother and gave a wry smile and laced her arm in her mother's once again and they walked the remainder of the hall way into the Ballroom and as they stepped out into the brightly lit room all eyes turned toward them, and they soon were surrounded by echos of yells and cheers and clapping hands all around.

'Let the night begin' Elsie thought as she smiled widely for all to see as she and her mother took the first steps into the Ballroom.

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