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Part 2

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Part 2

'Let the night begin' Elsie thought as she smiled widely for all to see as she and her mother took the first steps into the Ballroom.

The night had begun, and to Elsie's realization she was actually enjoying herself. Yes, she was getting attention but she also realized that other girls got the same attention, and they seemed to enjoy it while she had a passionate hate for it. Though tonight she celebrated. She had no idea what she celebrated but she celebrated bright and bubbly. She was acting more like her mother then she ever had, which scared her slightly. After all, she was not one to socialize unless threatened. It was not even close to the climax of the Ball when she felt herself begin to see why everyone wanted to be invited inside the ballroom. It was beautiful, if you looked at it with innocent eyes. The colors of all the extravagant dresses and the way most of them shined when the lights touched them. Elsie was in the middle of the dance floor, spinning and turning gracefully with a young man that had asked her to dance. Elsie would have said no, but this young man was bright. He had asked her to dance while she was in her mother's presence.

Here she was, spinning and being turned by this young man, and all she could think about was what was around her, excluding the young man. She was more interested in watching all the dresses reflect the light in the room and watch as they bounced the lights onto the walls and ceilings creating this wonderful sight to be behold. When the song died down, Elsie pulled away from the young man and bowed, signaling she wished to no longer dance with him. This young man being a gentle man stepped back, bowed and wished Elsie a wonderful night. Elsie had to admit he was charming, but he was not what she was really looking for. She could not see the faces of those wishing to dance with her. She was lost in the crowd of masks and the unknown, and she hated that, but she put up with it. She had to, if she didn't her mother would have her head.

As Elsie was turning around to walk to her mother's side again, her path was blocked by.....whom she did not know yet. The only thing she knew about this figure was that he or she was dressed in a black suit and the shirt that he/she was wearing covered around the neck, and the hair. The figure was wearing white gloves, a wonderful contrast to the black of his/her outfit. Elsie knew that some women preferred to come dressed as a man. She never gave it any thought until now, because now she had no idea whether this figure bowing in front of her was a man or a woman. The figures hair was covered by the black of his outfit. Elsie could see no skin showing, but as she bowed in return to this person she saw that the only skin she could see of this figures original person was their lips. Their face was covered in a white mask, and again the contrast between the black and the white matched perfectly for this figure. It was daring to come close yet there was a potent attraction to this danger that Elsie herself could not deny. Though with the white gloves, and the mask it seemed to calm her, that there might not be the danger she was suspecting of being attached to this person to be there at all. Then the final straw to signify she was in no current danger from this person, was their eyes. When Elsie looking into the eyes of her mystery beau she felt like melting. Those eyes just stared into hers and they seemed so welcoming, so safe, so.....piercing. It was if they had just pierced through what ever those awful thoughts of her mystery beau being dangerous. Those eyes were kind, and gentle, just like she now thought this new person was.

Elsie was taken from her thoughts when this person open their arms into the position of a dancer. Elsie was enchanted by this figure and was drawn in. She stepped into the dancers embrace and as the music started to pour through the room again she felt herself being guided through it. She was too busy looking at this person that held her so perfectly. How their hands had just molded together so easily as if they had done this many times. Elsie knew that was impossible because as she looked at this figure she knew that she could never have met him/her. If she had that moment in time would have been burned into her memory for the rest of her life, just like this one was becoming burned into her memory.

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