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If Only They Wouldn't

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So hello everyone! This is next episode. Not very exciting, just a little something I need to put up now.

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Eli's POV
"Wait, how are we gonna do that?" I asked Gerard. I heard him sigh, "I..... really don't know at the current moment. But when I get an idea, I'll tell you!"
I laughed and pulled on a pair of jeans, "Well, I'm coming over right now, so you’ll have plenty of time to think."
I disconnected and slipped into my Vans. Walking out the door, I thought about what Gerard had told me. Mikey hurting someone? No, it couldn't happen. It just couldn't. Mikey was too shy and collected of a person to ever think about hurting anyone. Being lost in my thoughts, I didn't hear the hum of the engine behind me. When I did hear it, I stopped, freaking out about the car right behind me. A familiar voice rang out, "Um... Eli? Are you planning to ever turn around?"
Exhaling, I turned to see Gerard in his car, "Well hi Gerard!" I ran to the car and opened the passenger door. Sliding into the seat, I turned to see Mikey and Amber in the backseat, Frank next to them, "What you guys doing?"
Gerard stepped on the gas pedal, hurling us forward in the direction of Ciarra's house, "We are going to get Ciarra and Ray, then we are doing to the mall. Care to join us?"
Before I had a chance to answer, he interrupted me, "Too bad, you're already going with us," and smiled. I laughed and rolled my eyes.
We picked Ciarra and Ray up at her house and sped off to the mall. About halfway there, we heard Mikey groan. I turned to see he was trying to fall asleep. Amber shook his arm and he sat up, blinking rapidly and putting his head in his hands. She put her arm around him and laid her head on his shoulder. I turned back to Gerard, who gripped the steering wheel, "I'm not sure how much more I can take of this. If he does anything to anyone...."
He didn't finish and looked hardly out into the road. I whisper to him, trying to calm him down, "Don't worry. Mikey would never do anything to anyone. Not Amber, not you, not me, not Ciarra or Ray or Frank. No one would ever get hurt by Mikey."
I continued to look out his window, "I'm not worried about what Mikey will do. I worried about what the terror will make him do."
Not really, but still
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