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You Have Me

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Howdy everyone! I'm updating again today because I have to tell you that Eli (the character is "Mikey's Here" now has a FicWad account. That right people who haven't figured it out yet, Eli, Chanya, and Ciarra are real people and my best friends. Now, Eli has an account and she is currently writing a story and I will update you on them if you don't, so you will read them. This is her: "" Go check out TheNerdyKilljoy!
Mikey's POV
I had to admit, they were getting into my thoughts. They were trying to pull me back in. Trying to make me stay in the world I had try to forget. I had a new life, a girlfriend, many friends, an actual happy life. Even now, in the Imperial Valley Mall, I was fighting whatever it was that tried to kill its biggest threat to its existence. Amber walked along, our hands intertwined, down the large corridors and past the stores. She pulled me into the Hot Topic and we scanned the shelves for something good to buy. After a while, I stopped her and pulled her back into the small open space in the back of the store where the changing room was. Eli and Chanya walked right past, not even noticing us. "Mikey, what are you doing?" Amber asked me, turning to look at the pile of shirts and arm bands. I laid my head on her shoulder, keeping myself from pulling her into the dressing room, "I wanted to talk to you about something."
"And that something is?"
"Well..... how do you feel about my world? Like, does it scare you or anything?" I sighed, waiting expectantly for the answer I knew she would say.
She turned back to me and grabbed my hand, "Mikey, what I think of your world is that it was somewhere you wanted to be back in Jersey. You needed a friend and when you didn't have one, you went to it for one. I don't judge you for that. I had a world once, not as dominant as yours, but I did go to it a lot. But then I met Ciarra in 5th grade and I had the ability over it to push it away. And I think you have the ability to push it far, far away. Enough that it'll never come back to bother you. I believe all of us meeting is your ticket to pulling out your ability and forcing the world away."
When she finished, I didn't even know I was crying until I felt a tear fall from my cheek onto the floor. She wiped the ones on my cheek away, "Hey, don't cry. I'll be here with you through the entire time. I love you so much Mikey." I smiled and kissed her, melting into her warm and comforting self. Then there was a familiar voice ringing through my head, "Mikey, don't be with her. She doesn't deserve you and needs to be eliminated. No one could love you more than we do. Just come back to us Mikey."
I pulled away and shook my head, remembering the words Amber had told me not a moment ago. "You have the ability to push it away," I thought to myself, "You can do it. And Amber will always be there to help."
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