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I Was Told What You Did

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Mikey's POV
I shoved back the world and Amber and I turned to see Eli waiting for us, "Amber, did you get what you wanted?"
"Yeah, hold on for a couple more minutes," she replied, picking up a shirt and arm band, then walking into the accessories aisle. Eli walked over to me, "Mikey, are you okay?"
I gave her a look, "Why would you say that? I haven't done anything and nobody’s done anything to me." I gave her a nervous glance and Gerard stepped next to Eli, "Well, this morning I saw you Mikey. Doing something.... not so good."
I tensed, clutching my hands into fists, "What are guys talking about? I didn't do anything this morning."
"I hate to say this Mikey, but as your brother, I feel like I have to tell you. You almost set Amber on fire while she was asleep this morning. You stopped just in time before it happened. I don't know what to do about whatever you were thinking as you did that, but I don't like it. No one does and we want to help you stop. We want to help you so you don't hurt Amber or anyone."
Eli nodded and I sighed, looking down. I wasn't going to tell anyone about the incident. But Gerard apparently saw and I hated myself for not stopping sooner. "Don't let them tell you what to do. They don't care about you. No one but us care about you. Amber and Gerard could never amount to as much as we do to you. You have to comeback to us Mikey. You don't belong in their world, you belong in ours."
Eli and Gerard saw me staring off into space because she slapped my arm to wake me up, "OWW! What the hell was that for?"
They dragged me to where Amber stood in line, talking to the manager. Eli set me beside her, "Remember Amber. Remember you have a whole family waiting for you in reality. Don't let whatever it is hold you back from having a life with the girl you love."
I turned my head from her to Amber. Her brown hair was swinging a little when she turned her head to look at me, "Hey Mikey. You ready? I got the arm band you were looking at." She smiled and I forced one onto my face, "Um... yeah. Let's go." I held out my hand and she took it, leading me out of the store and into the crowded hall of the mall. I turned back to see Gerard and Eli looking at me, boring into my mind with their glares. I tried apologizing for everything with a look but they were already out of sight when I tried.
Ciarra's POV
Eli told me and Chanya what happened this morning and I listened in horror. I still loved Mikey, but this was just too hard to listen to. When the story was finished, I stood from the bench we sat on, "i can't let this happen to her. Where is she? She's coming home with me."
I tried walking into the bathroom where Amber was, but Eli grabbed my arm and pulled me back, "No Ciarra. You can't let her know. We don't know what she'll do and if what she'll do will be for the good or worse of Mikey."
I twisted out of her grasp, "I don't care. I'm going to tell Amber. I can't just keep the fact Mikey almost killed her from her."
Eli and Chanya looked around me and I turned to see Amber standing there with her mouth open slightly, "What did you say?"
I sighed and sat Amber on the bench, her eyes tearing up, "I'm sorry Amber, but this morning, I was told Mikey tried setting you on fire with a lighter. He stopped himself just before you set alight but I'm afraid what'll happen next time. You're coming home with me."
This set her off, because she stood up, anger and tears in her eyes, "No. I'm sorry Ciarra but I'm not going home with you. I'm staying with Mikey and Gerard, even with the knowledge of what you told me. I love Mikey and I want to help him. Leaving with what happened isn't going to make him better, it's going to make him worse. Maybe even kill him if I don't do anything. I need to stay with him so he'll recover from his world."
She stomped away in the Spencers the boys were in. I sat back on the bench and put my head in my hands, "Oh no. This is not going to end well."
Amber's POV
I walked into Spencers and saw Frank and Mikey talking next to the large wall of shirts. I stepped next to them, "Hey Frank. Can you give us a minute? I promise to return him as soon as I'm done."
He eyed me suspiciously, "Promise?"
I held up my hand like a Girl Scout, "Scout's honor." Frank smiled and walked away. I turned to Mikey, who had a tired and sad look in his eye, "So I'm guessing Eli told you?"
"No actually Ciarra told me. And I'm here to tell you I don't care what happens to me. I just want to make you happy."
He looked startled at what I told him, "You're not anger or afraid of me? Not at all? Because I understand if you want me to leave you alone forever."
I shook my head, "No. Don't ever leave me alone." I wrapped my arms around his waist and hugged him for a moment before taking his hand and pulling him out of the store and onto the bench. Chanya smiled at me while Ciarra and Eli gave me a worried look. I smiled and gave them a reassuring look. I pulled them close and whispered, "Don't worry about me. Worry about Mikey."
They nodded and when the others came out, we walked to the car. On the drive home, I laid my head on Mikey's shoulder and fell asleep slowly, trying to rid my mind of the thoughts of Mikey killing me.
And of course, I had a dream about Mikey killing me.
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