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The Dream That Changed Them

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Imma go with PG-13 becuase of some graphic kinda stuff. GO READ TheNerdyKilljoy and Heymimusic's stories! Go shoo, do it now!

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Dreadfully sorry about yesterday, I stayed at Ciarra's and couldn't get on here. So here's today's really long one (I think)!!!! P.S. This one is kinda graphic in the way that I'm gonna describe what happens to me, so sorry if you don't like bloody stuff. Fair warning.
Amber's POV
We returned form the mall later than expected. As Ciarra, Eli, and I hauled in the many bags we bought, Chanya stayed behind and I heard snippets of her conversation with Frank, "watch out for Amber when she's with Mikey. We all are for her sake."
I clenched my fists and when I dropped the last bag, I mumbled a "Goodnight" to everyone and raced to Mikey's room, slamming the door. My pent up energy didn't seem to be going anywhere, so I pulled out my keyboard, remembering our first Battle of the Bands concert was in a week, six days before Christmas. I mentally slapped myself, "Damn, Christmas Do I ever remember anything? No I don't."
I sighed and shook it off, playing the tune to "Famous Last Words" which Gerard and I finally named, "Awake and unafraid. Asleep or dead, "I whispered to the empty room.
Sighing again, I put the piano away and slipped into my pajamas. I fell into bed and pulled the sea of blanket around me. After feeling around for the stereo remote, I hit the 'ON' button and Panic! At The Disco's "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Could Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" blasted from the speakers. Brendon Urie's voice soothed me into such a deep sleep, I didn't wake up when Mikey got into bed next to me and took my hand.
The dream started no better than any of my other dreams. I was in a cafe, having coffee with Alyson Hannigan and her pet monkey when the sky darkened. She looked up then back to me, "We better get home. Mr. Monkey doesn't like the rain."
I nodded and we went our separate ways. I walked into pouring rain in the direction of an abandoned warehouse. What I was to do there was still a mystery to me. I pulled open the heavy metal door and saw nothing but black and one light in the middle of the room. Under it was Mikey, tied to a chair. I ran to him, getting on my knees to untie him, "Mikey, what happened? How'd you get here? Are you okay?"
By the time I'd finished asking, his bounds were united and he looked up at me with the most evil smirk on his face, "The question is, kiddo, are you going to be okay?"
Before I could protest, he stood up quickly and pushed me into the chair. The rope seemed to tie itself to my elbows to the arms and legs to the... chair legs. I was stuck in the chair and Mikey continued to smirk. I glared at him and he laughed, a roughness in his voice, "So you're the infamous Amber Mikey always thinks about. I'm Bill, Mikey's world. No copyright intended, Mikey had just watched 'kill Bill V.2' before he made me."
I thought I knew that voice! David Carridane. The imitation was so perfect, I almost forgot I was talking to Mikey's body, "Yes I am. What of it?"
'Bill' shrugged, "I'm not sure, but you seem to be a threat to my and this," he gestured to the blackness, "existence."
He walked over and stopped in front of me, pulling out the butterfly knife my father made me carry around when I went to the big cities. Bill took my un bound arm and set the point lightly on my wrist, "You see, kiddo, we don't like being put away," he put more pressure on it and dragged the blade up my arm to my elbow. I screamed as the blinding pain shot thought my arm as he continued, "And whatever stands in our way of being with Mikey," he pushed the knife into my arm, "gets killed."
I continued to shout as I tried to wiggle the knife out of my arm. 'Bill' laughed and pulled it out, ripping a bit of my arm off with it, "Did Mikey tell you what he did to his old friend? It's the real reason his folks sent him her to this hell hole of a town."
He slapped my face when I didn't respond, "He was a nice boy, a fine young man. He came into Mikey's life a month after I was made. Matt, I believe his name was. He took Mikey away for some time and when he finally did return, I took over from there. And when I was finished with dear Matty, well, let's just say, not even dental records could have helped identify him. When Mikey came home a few days later, the news of the murder spreading like wildfire, his parents sent him here to keep him from getting caught. Aww, how sweet."
I spit out some blood and wiped my mouth with my right arm, "Then why keep me here? Why not just kill me now and get it over with?"
'Bill' grabbed my right arm and began carving a word into it with every syllable, "So I can show Mikey why he needs to stay with us. To keep him from leaving again."
I clenched my jaw to keep from crying out. Once the searing pain was gone, I opened my once firmly closed eyes to see the word now written on my arm. "Sleep" it said.
"Maybe that's what you need to do, kiddo, "I heard 'Bill' say from behind me as he took my head in his hands and twisted. I felt my bones crack and shatter as the word grew cold and fuzzy.
'Bill' stood in front of me, smirking. And the smirk grew into a horrified look as Mikey came back to himself, "Oh my god Amber!" He sat in front of me, tears starting to stream down his face, "Please don't die!"
I tried responding, but my head tipped forward and the last thing I heard was a scream and laughter.
Mikey's POV
I screamed and shot up, drenched in a cold sweat. Everything I saw in the dream was so clear, so vivid. I tried to wipe my head with my hand, but it was caught in Amber's. I let go and started to lift my hand when I saw a glimpse of red. I fumbled around for my glasses and examined the red. Blood. My eyes widened and I turned to Amber. Both arms were covered in blood, seeping from deep gashes. He face was developing a bruise and her head lay at an odd angel.
"Amber? Don't do this! Not again!" I cried out and shook her to try and wake her. Nothing.
"Please don't be dead! GERARD! C'mon Amber! Don't die!"
Gerard ran into my room, Ciarra following closely behind. They knelt by my bed, where I had Amber in my arms, still trying to wake her. Gerard looked at the wounds on her arms, "Damn, what happened?"
I tried to keep myself from breaking inside while I told them the dream, "And when I woke up, she was like this. Gerard, I'm just afraid she'll end up like Matt and really be de-"
My words were cut off by a fit of coughing coming from Amber. Ciarra grabbed her hand, "amber? Are you alive?"
She weakly nodded her head, "Barely," and looked up at me, a spark of terror in her eyes, "He tried to kill me, Mikey. He said torturing me was his was of showing you what'd happen if you didn't come back. Then he gave me this," she held out her right arm, 'Sleep' carved into it, "and told me I show do what it said. Then he snapped my neck."
Tears ran down her cheeks. Gerard slapped the bedpost and called for Frank and Ray, "Guys, get some clothes on. We gotta get Amber to a hospital." They nodded and Ray held his arms out for me to give him to Amber. I recoiled, holding her protectively. Ray gave me a look and I reluctantly put her gently into his arms. He, Frank, and Chanya went downstairs to the car. I tried following, but Gerard held me back and closed the door. I faced him, Ciarra, and Eli, fury written clearly on all their faces.
Ciarra spoke first, "So Mikey, what happened there?"
I threw my hands up in defense, "I didn't do it! I was simply the body used by my mind!"
Eli crossed her arms, "Oh yeah, cause that makes it a helluva lot better!"
yelling made everything worse. Ciarra and Eli shouted back and we fought for that for a moment. I guess it was too much for Gerard, because he finally gave in, "SHUT UP!!"
We looked at him and he glared back, "Our friend, the girl we love, is dying in the car and you two are fighting about who did this to her? We all need to calm the fuck down and help her before she's really gone. Ciarra and Eli, you two take care of her until we get home. Mikey, stay here."
I protested, "WHAT?!?!"
"It's for the best. When we get back, you can TLC her all you want, but give her some space. Your world used you to almost kill her. Maybe you should avoid her for a few days."
"You're telling me to stop seeing her? They one girl who has helped me more than ever? The only girl I've ever loved?"
"Not permanently. Just for a few days until she's okay. You almost killed her."
He gave me a sympathetic smile and the three of them left my room. "You almost killed her," ran through my head. I was left alone in my room with myself, an evil soulless self trying to kill a girl. The one important girl.
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