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Ivy is your average teenager. Well thats what eveyone thinks, so it must be true; right?

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The screams, crazy drunks, bruised bodies and angry security guards. Theres bottles of piss flying everywhere and your feet are aching like crazy.
None of this matters though, all you care about are the amazing people in front of you. Its your first ever concert and you dont know anything about cliques, or crap like that.
All you know is that this is the music you love, the music that makes you happy. So throughout all the shoving and shouting, all you can do is sing along and jump around.

I wish it was still that easy, that was the best night of my life and you dont know how much I would give to go back.
Now I can tell what your thinking now, just another girl whos getting worked up with high school cliques; but no. If you are thinking this then think again, what Im going through is indescribable.

What comes next is even worse, but Im just to caught up in my fake happiness notice.

The annoying sound of my alarm clock signals that its 8am. Ive got half an hour; good thing I showered last night. I climb out of bed and roll onto the floor, making my way over to the mirror in the corner of my room I begin applying make-up.
I have just enough time to pull on my jeans, pink vest top and cardigan. After grabbing my school-bag and shoes, I slowly make my way toward the old building of torture. Also known as school.

Yeah, this sounds like an average girls day at school and it is, or at least thats what I want it to be. Im hiding, hiding from the truth, from the people I should be friends with, the films I like, the music love.
Im hiding from me.

I pull a smile, but it doesnt touch my eyes. Surrounding me are my 5 friends. Or people who I put up with and act like to fit in.
"Hey Ivy."
They all greet me in unison, smiling. But theirs arent fake, they are happy. They are, deep down, members of the cheerleading squad, the populars. And I respect them for that, because their being theirselves and not hiding like me.
It all started before I moved school. I didnt know any other back then, Id never heard of cliques until I started high school. Suddenly music and looks became the most important part of a students life.
I had black hair and listened to rock music, I had friends but they ended up ditching me, for the populars of course. Bullying, that describes it all.
Everyday Gina, the bitchiest of the bitches, would hurt and tease me, physical and mental abuse; day by day. It didnt get any better and I did a few bad things.. Ill leave it there. Lets just say I had to transferred and go through therapy just at the age of 14.

But Im seventeen now and everything in my life is good, right? Ive got great friends, parents, a brother who I adore and quite a big house in Belleville, New Jersey.
Yes, everythings perfect and Im hoping that it will stay that way. Im hoping that the black box in the back of my mind is going to stay there, locked away. Holding my whole life, all my secrets.

I know its short, but it's my first fanfic. I have no clue what Im doing on this website :') No-one really knows I have an account either so; shhh. :D
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