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When meeting Frank, Ivy reveals a part of her she thought was lost.

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The bell for first period startles me as I make my way to chemistry, I hesitate at the door, not sure why. Before I can reach for the handle the door swings open; Mr Foster.
"You okay there?"
He seems genuinely confused.
"I-Im fine. Just.. Tired, thanks."
I stutter back to him before drifting past the door frame and to the back of the lab.
What is up with me today?
I watch carefully as the other students filter into the classroom, taking their rightful places in the different cliques. I silently wonder whether any of them are like me, hiding from their true selves. But then again, Im pretty messed up.
I laugh visibly, causing some people to stare, my heart thuds loudly and I can feel a huge lump forming in my throat. Not sure of whats happening, I grab my things and stumble out the room.
To be perfectly honest, I dont know where Im heading.
I end up behind the drama block, panting and gasping from running. I think I need therapy, again.
I slump down from my spot on the wall and pull my legs up to my chin. I try to think of before all this happened, cutting out the bad parts.

Im back at the concert, smiling widely, not a care in the world-

My thoughts are interrupting with a slight cough.
"Hey, you okay?"
A deep, yet velvet, voice circles the air. I look up and face the mysterious figure, gasping visibly.
Hes beautiful.
His hazel-green eyes, full of confusion and a slight hint of anger, stare down into mine. His pale, olive coloured skin is showered by thick black hair, curling to an end near his jaw line. Hes wearing black skinny jeans and a Misfits top - their one of my favourite bands - and black converse. I cant help but study the amazing details of this strange man asking me questions; his tattoos which spiral along his forearms, his piercings, situating his bottom lip, nose and ear lobes, but mostly his smile. His dreamy, heart-breaking, award-winning smile playing on his lips.
Then its back to reality, Ive been looking at him in disbelief for five minutes now.
"Im f-fine."
I state quickly, then noticing the tears rolling down my cheeks. I brush my sleeve along my face, probably taking half my eyes make-up along with it.
"You dont look it." He shrugs and sits down next to me. "Im Frank, Frank Iero." He holds his hand out.
"Ivy. Nice to meet you Frank." I shake his hand willingly. And it is nice to meet him, better than nice to meet him.
Even though I had just met him, he seems to like me for me, and not some weird act I put on for the rest of the school.
"So, what are you skiving?" He giggles, teasingly. His laugh is even more adorable than his smile.
"Chemistry." I answer him a little too quickly.
"Gym class." He answers himself too, still giggling. I cant help but laugh with him, its like hes infectious or something.
I skip the rest of the school day with Frank and we talk about everything and anything. Hes like who Im meant to be. But hes not shying away from it like me, just living up to it instead. Part of me is jealous.
Then I cant help but think, the other part of me is falling for him, falling like crazy. I wonder if he realises the effect he has on me, if he notices Im like him too. He sure as hell knows a lot about me, the real me. Were very similar in music and film tastes and we both aspire to one day be in a band. Hes hyperactive, yet Im more laid back and easy going, apparently.
Ive never seen myself like this before.
Truly myself.
All in one day too. I slowly wander through the familiar streets of Jersey, a number scribbled down my arm and a smile taking up half of my face.

Sorry aout the mistakes in the last chapter guys :/ Everything is fixed now though ;) Honestly, I didnt think Id get any reviews, so double thanks or that. :) Anyway, Im having trouble with the storyline so ideas would be much appreciated. :D
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