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Ivy seems happier after spending the day with Frank. It doesn't take too long to shatter everything hes fixed though. Tradgedy. Rated for slight language.

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When I get home Im not prepared for the downfall of tonight.

I unlock the door and let myself in, slipping of my shoes and dumping my bag. I wander through the hallway of the house, stopping in the kitchen for some food. Im just about to go upstairs to bed when I hear a muffled scream, weird. I thought everyone was in bed by now.
Then again another yelp.
And another.
I rush over to the lounge, I think I heard-
When I open the door I can see blood. Blood everywhere.
I look up from my feet to be faced with my father. I cant see where the blood is coming from, just that theres a lot of it. The screams have stopped now, silence.
“Fuck.” My dad states, before spitting and pushing past me angrily. I glance around the room, glass. Bottles of vodka.
Hes drunk.
I hear another cry, its coming from behind the couch. In less than seconds Im behind the couch, I almost whimper at the sight.
My brother.
On the floor.
Broken arms.
Broken ribs.
Broken heart.
My dad did this?
Peter did this.
He almost killed his own son.

The rest of that night went by in a blur, a quick, loud, unorganised blur.
Were in the hospital now.
Matts laid unconscious in the bed, my mum gripping his hand. I cant help but cry, it doesn’t help one bit though.
Karma must really hate me, it must despise my being.
Just as my life takes a turn for the better, - or in other words; Frank - something has to go wrong.
Karmas a bitch.
Worse than Gina.
I still cant get over the fact that my dad did this. To his own son. SON.
I peer back at his frail body, the doctor told us that he has 3 broken ribs, a shattered leg and 2 broken bones. She also said that if he doesn’t wake up soon, we could lose him forever.
That bit broke my heart.
Or what was left of it anyway. What Frank had managed to bandage up and save in just a day was shattered. Into a million tiny little pieces.
I cant even remember my happy place, the concert, todays events nothing. Im too down to even try.

“-Hes definitely in a coma. Im so sorry Mrs Sullivan.” Sullivan, I curl my nose up at the name.
Wait, coma?
A coma?
“Coma?” And then I black out.

I hate this chapter :'( Had to be done, sorry for any mistakes theres, no doubt, gonna be. ;)
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