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Prince Charming

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The very last chapter of Mickey White. Aka, the funniest chapter in the story, or so says Kylie's sis

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Mickey stumbled home. She passed out upon the floor. The witch left a note on the door. The next morning, the Puzzle Pieces found her.

"Who's be that bastard fucky enough to do that!?" gasped !?

"Look, you wankers! A note!" said Wanker.

Ass Face took it and read it. "Mickey White has eaten a poison apple. The only way to break the curse is for true love's first kiss,"

So, they put her in a glass coffin outside. "Which bitch could've done this to such a beautiful whore!?" cried Whore Bitch!

Then, a white stallion came to the scene. On it was a Asian man. "What's going on?" he asked?

"What the fuck do you think?" asked Fucky?

"A funeral?" asked the man?

"We're waiting for her true love's first bitch kiss," said Bitchy.

"Who the bastard fuck are you!?" asked Bastard Fuck?

"James. James Wan," said the man. "Is she a princess?"

"You dumb, wanker! We don't know!" said Wanker.

"Why do you ask, ass face?" asked Ass Face?

"I'm a prince," said James. "I've also worked on SAW!"

"Give it a try bitch. It couldn't hurt the whore," said Whore Bitch. She took a puff on her cigarette.

James kissed her. She woke up. She looked at her. "James Wan?" she gasped.

"Would you like to be the Q-" began James. Mickey began to laugh. "What's so funny?"

"James Wan in tights! A sight I thought I'd never see! Ha!" laughed Mickey.

"Would you like to be the Queen of my kingdom?" asked James, ignoring Mickey.

"Yes!" said Mickey! The Jigsaw Pieces gave out a cheer as Mickey got on James's horse.

"STOP!" screamed the old witch. The old witch had rushed to the scene. It took it's face off. It showed McKenna. "You cannot live!"

Mickey took out a machine gun. "Snow White isn't supposed to carry a gun!" said McKenna.

"Well, this ain't Snow White! It's Mickey White! And Mickey White carries a gun!" yelled Mickey!!

Mickey shot McKenna. James and Mickey then, rode off into the sunset. And they lived happily ever after.

~~~The End~~~
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