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So Many Bright Lights To Cast A Shadow

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I guess death didn't come in the form of the Black Parade.

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So, I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and anyone who has read my fanfiction so far.You guys are the best :)

Franks POV

It took 7 people to get the door open. 4 Crew members, Ray and i, and a distraught Mikey (who wasn't really much help at all in the state he was in). Pedicone had gone back out to search some local bars. Of course we didn't hope Gerard was out drinking his sorrows away, but the alternative's seemed a lot worse.

''We got it'' One of the crew guys said through gritted teeth, under the weight of the door.

''Fucking open it then!'' Mikey jumped up from were he had been sitting, silently crying bitter tears of frustration. Who could blame him. It had been a painful hour of searching and thinking of the worst possibilities. I was surprised i had been able to keep it together as well as i had. I guess comforting Mikes had kept my thoughts too preoccupied to think of the horrible situations my best friend could be in.

The door swung open creakily practically off its hinges. Apparently this was a storage room used to keep all the old sound equipment. It hadn't been set foot it or even unlocked in at least seven years.

Mikey dashed forward, eager to search the room for his elder brother. Ray grabbed his arm before he could peer into the gloomy black room.

''Mikes, let Frankie go first, we...we don't know what we'll find down there, if anything at all'' He quickly added. Mikey gave him a pleading look but nodded. We knew if something had happened to Gee and Mikey was the one to find him that it would break him completely. But i didn't want to go in there either. I hadn't considered what we would find once under the stage, my only thoughts had been on finding Gerard. I sighed. I knew he was in here, it was like some sort of connection we had.

''Someone pass me a flashlight'' I tried to sound as fearless as possible, as if we would find nothing in this dark pit. But a scared frown played on my lips.

As i descended the creaky damp stairs, i shone the flashlight ahead of me trying to study the unstable steps. What caught my surprise was that about six steps ahead of me, the stairs gave way. Lucky i thought to look in front of me.

''Shit'' I mumbled into the darkness. The gap had obliterated the rest of the stairs. I was still gonna search this place even if i couldn't make it down there to look. Maybe someone had fallen through?

I brought the beam of light across the room from one side to the other and back again. Nothing but boxes. I was sure he was here, i had never been wrong before. I gave one last sweep of the basement room, almost turning to go back. I pointed the light at the stained floor, the dim yellow light slightly reflecting off the stone. Wait? How is that even...

I moved the flashlight back over the mounds of storage boxes, to the back wall beneath the stage. My heart stopped at the sight i saw. There was so much blood. I just froze up. A statue.

Gerard's POV

I looked up through my hazy eyes. My mop of red hair blocking my sight a little, but my vision was so blurry it didn't matter. I was in agony, worsened by the fact my whole body was rigid with crippling fear. I felt like my whole body was on fire and my joints aching to the point where i wanted to curl up and die. Maybe i was dying. If i was it was a lot more painful than imagined, it wasn't like i was drifting off to sleep or walking towards the light. I just hurt. I could hear my shallow breath's getting rapider as i struggled to inhale without my chest twitching in spasmodic fits. I could see what i assumed was my blood glistening off the floor as a light shone on the cold grey stone. I groaned at the sudden brightness. My eyes felt like they were going to bleed just trying to keep them open. I heard muffled shouts and footsteps. They sounded so distant. I tried to say something to tell them i wasn't worth saving but my body failed me. I couldn't even breath anymore. Maybe the light i saw was death, y'know the light your suppose to walk into? I guess death doesn't come in the form of the Black Parade. Your heart has to be pure for that. I had a persona bent on killing my family and destroying me completely. No wonder i would go to hell.

''Gee....'' Someone was calling my name.

Mama we all go to hell...

sorry that this was a short and crappy chapter just a filler of sorts with a little monologue on death there at the end. R&R for more nonsense chapters. I have lots of other story idea's so YAAY i actually have a imagination!!
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