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Never Mind About The Shape I'm In

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It reminded me of a murder scene.

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Frank POV

There was so much fucking blood. It was everywhere. All over the floor, gleaming a menacing shade of scarlet. It reminded me of a murder scene. I was frozen, literally glued to the spot. Unable to look away. It crossed my mind to call up to my anxious friends who stood at the top of the trapdoor trying to get a good look of what lay under the wooden beams and planks of the stage (not that in a million years they would want to see the sight that lay in front of me). I tried to shout something up to them, conforming i was unharmed, but i choked on my words when i saw a bloodied lump of beaten flesh discreetly hidden behind several crates. It didn't look like anything human to say the least, like a piece of discarded meat left to the vultures. I could hear people's voices trying to ask what happened, if it was safe to come down, but i just couldn't think.

''Frank, you alright there''

''What happened?''

''Is Gerard there?''

Gerard. Fuck. It couldn't be. No.

I snapped to my senses and leaped over the huge crater in the wooden stairs, landing slightly off balance on the other side. It was a miracle i didn't slip and end up on the concrete floor passed out, but my common sense was out the window. Gee was my only priority right now.

I half sprinted, half stumbled over the curled up figure. I almost tripped due to the floor being coated in a layer of blood. As i approached, the lifeless bloodied being began to take more of a form. A form i now recognized as Gee. I gasped in horror at the realization i had just made, my arm reaching out to a nonexistent wall to steady myself.

He was pale, but not like he normally was, fuck not even when he was sick or sleep deprived. This was pale as in dying. But that seemed in some way, normal? The amount of blood there was i could only assume it was his. I could see lots of gashes trailing along his pure white skin. They made me want to puke. They were bleeding heavily in too many places. Another thing i noticed was scratches all over his arms made it look like he had been attacked by a wild animal. I couldn't process what had happened. Were all these wounds self inflicted? Had he been assaulted by some crazy fan? Was the attacker still here?

There was no time to ponder the possibilities. Gerard was practically bleeding to death. I wasn't even sure he was breathing.

''Gee...'' I keeled next to his battered body ignoring the blood seeping in my jeans. He was laying slumped against the wall like he had been trying to escape something. The blood was splattered there as well. I didn't want to shake him in case i unknowingly hurt him or touch one of his open wounds. There was so much red all over him i couldn't actually tell where he was bleeding.

''Gerard please'' I bit back tears when i received no answer. No. My best friend couldn't be gone. He promised he would never leave.

''Gee...'' I sobbed onto his shoulder. If he was dead i couldn't hurt him and i wasn't willing to leave him alone here.

''uuuumrrr'' I heard a almost inaudible whimpering from beside me. I stopped crying for a moment. I heard it again. I sounded pained and frightened. I looked at Gerard. His weak eyes were half opened yet strained from the obvious pain he was in. I didn't care. He wasn't dead. I quickly jumped off him, despite the overwhelming urge to hug Gerard and never let go. I did't want to cause him more hurt.

''N-No..n-no m-more pl-please'' He whined through tears as his eyes clenched shut and he tensed his broken body. ''N-No mo-re I c-can't a-any mo-more''.

''Gee, its me. No one's gonna hurt you'' I comforted desperately stroking his red hair (it was now red from the blood, not from the dye).

He obviously was in no position to think rationally as he began to wail in pain. I cringed as i knew there was nothing i could do. His cries got weaker and weaker though as his energy diminished quickly. It was then i remembered where we were and that there was 5 or so people at the basement entrance,screaming at me at the top of there lungs. From what i could hear they thought i had fallen and gotten knocked out.

''FRANK'' Mikey's shrill voice broke through my thoughts.

''Mikes, Get us some help. I found Gee but he's hurt'' I cried up.

I blocked out anymore questions and looked back at Gerard. He was muttering under his breath, as tears mixed with blood ran down his face. His eyes looked distant and empty. Of course any doctor would tell you he was suffering from a concussion and blood loss but to me it looked like it had after those nightmarish dreams. Like he was in some way looking past reality.

Although i knew i could hear the pounding of foot steps from the medics that were making they're way down here. And i knew i could still hear the sound of my best friends delusional mumbling. My world was silent. I could hardly hear my own heart beating.

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