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Chapter 1

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Frank is a vampire. Gerard is a hunter. The only way to cure him is to kill the source.

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I sipped quietly on my Cherry Coke as I intently watched the two vampires from across the diner. They had to be vamps; they were suspiciously pale and hadn't yet touched their food. Vampires ate normal food to keep up their human appearances, although it didn't fulfill them. One of them, the boy, had tattoo sleeves on both of his arms. They stood out on the pale complexity of his skin. He glanced up, sensing that I was staring at him, and smiled. I didn't smile back; there was no reason to be happy towards something not of your own kind.

The oncoming waitress took my attention from the vampires.
"Hello. Are you finished with that?"
I glanced down at the empty coke glass and pushed my red hair off of my face.
"Yeah, thanks for the hospitality."
She nodded slightly and took the glass from the table. I put twenty bucks in the middle of the table and scooted out of the booth. As I was walking out of the diner, the girl vampire stared maliciously at me.

As I was walking away from the diner in the unusual chilly Los Angeles night, I couldn't help but to think of the boy vampire. Something about him intrigued me. I almost didn't want to kill him. Almost.
The wind picked up a bit and I crossed my arms. The girl vampire didn't seem as friendly as the other. She knew I was a hunter, somehow. The wind stopped, but a bush behind me still rustled. I stopped in my tracks and turned around swiftly, putting a hand on the stake that was in my coat pocket. I scoped the area, and found nothing to be alarmed about. I relaxed and turned around, running straight into the girl vampire from the diner.
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