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Chapter 2

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Gerard runs into Frank and Jade, the two vampires from the diner.

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"Well, well. The hunter from the diner." The girl vampire said, showing her fangs. A Jade necklace hung from her neck, catching the light of the only streetlight around.
"C'mon, Jade. Leave 'em alone." The tattooed vampire replied, sounding bored but serious.
She briefly glanced toward the boy, then focused her attention back on me.

"What do you want?" I said, masking my voice from the fear I was feeling.
"Why are you hunting us?"
"I'm not. We happened to be in the same diner." A lie, of course. My employer sent me.

Jade, if that was her name, considered my words. They were both newly made, I could tell. Either of them could have sensed my increased heartbeat in result of the lie.
"You guys are new." I said, not making it a question. I was sure that they were new.
Jade blinked in awe.
"How do you know that?" The boy said, abruptly becoming interested.
I turned toward him and cracked a smile.

"Who the hell made you guys? Whoever did must've just let you run free. Never taught you anything."
"Frank, don't listen to him." Jade snapped at, apparently, Frank.
"Okay, how about this. I wont kill you two if you tell my why you know i'm a hunter."
Jade nervously bit her lower lip, and looked at Frank.

"We don't have to tell you anything." Frank growled, his vampire instinct taking over.
"See, that can't work out. I can't just have a couple of newbie vampires running around knowing that I am a hunter. Too risky for the both of us."
I felt a pang of sorrow for the vampires, which never happened to me before. Often times, people became vampires out of choice. Then, realizing that being a vampire wasn't what they expected, they became destructive and ignorant to their surroundings.
"Was it by choice, or was it forced?"
"What was?" Jade asked, becoming more nervous as time passed.
"Your surrender of being human. Did you choose it?"
"Jade chose it, I didn't."
Something of a scowl came from Jade. I raised my eyebrows, suddenly realizing the situation was much more serious than originally planned. I also realized that the conversation between us was becoming more of a casual talk.
I tensed my arm around my stake, ready to attack.
Jade and Frank got into an argument, and I seized the opportunity.

I swiftly took the stake out of my pocket and grabbed Frank. I held my arm around his neck and placed the stake on his chest, above the heart. Jade hissed and crouched down in a attacking stance.

"Someone else is trying to hunt you down. Who is it?" I whispered in Frank's ear. Frank's eyes widened as his fangs lowered, making a barely audible click. He looked helplessly at Jade, who faintly gasped.
"Someone. Is. Hunting you." I repeated myself.
Jade stopped her hissing and slowly got up from her stance.
"You're trying to help us."
"Yes." I said through my gritted teeth.
"Shane who?"
"Shane Ross."
I relaxed my jaw and let go of my hold from Frank. He spun around to face me. I looked in his hazel eyes, not regretting what I did. I had no idea why I helped them, but somehow I was attracted to Frank. A vampire, of all things.

I turned around and walked home.
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