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Chapter 3

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Frank follows Gerard back to his apartment complex.

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"Where were you?" Mikey asked, not three milliseconds after I walked in the door to our run down apartment. He put his hands on his hips.
"Not now, Mikey." I waved him off, crossing the living room threshold and eying an old pizza box.
"For all I knew, you could've been dead!" Dead had another meaning to us. Dead meant not being human anymore. Dead meant being a vampire.
I tapped my chest, "Well, I'm here."

I ignored the rest of Mikey's irritated ramblings and reached my bedroom, only decorated with a Misfits poster. I fell face forward on my cheap twin bed and sighed in pleasure as the pressure from my back released. The moment ceased, only to be interrupted by the ringing to the door bell.

"I don't suppose you're going to get that." I yelled to Mikey as I unwillingly got up from my bed and walked out to the hallway.
"Nope." Mikey said veraciously and sat down on the couch to watch re-runs of House.
"You could have at least checked who it is." I whined as I reached the door and lazily opened it.

Frank, the tattooed vampire, was standing against my door frame.

I glared at him as my heart raced.
He gave me a half-smile and put his hands in his skinny jeans.
I looked back at Mikey, who was absorbed in the television, and stepped outside, shutting the door behind me.

"What are you doing here?" I asked in a hushed voice. I crossed my arms, trying to shield myself from the bitter cold air.
"I just wanted to say thanks. So thanks." He shrugged and looked toward the horizon, where the sun was slowly creeping up.
I didn't want to kill him, and I wasn't scared of him. Both being the first time I had ever felt towards a vampire. It was the opposite with his partner. Something about Jade made me want to torture information out of her.
I nodded my head in acceptance, and almost shyly looked back up at him. His hazel eyes were to die for, they captivated me.
"Why are you with Jade?"
"Jade and I... yeah. I guess you can say that we're together." He said with another shrug. I creased my eyebrows.
"You don't sound to sure of it."
Frank laughed and looked at me skeptically.

I blushed, realizing that I was interested about Frank. I never was sympathetic about any vampire, and I thought I never would be.
"I'm sorry." I apologized.
"No, it's okay. I can tell you're fascinated."
"Well, fascinated may be exaggerating, but yeah."
I rubbed my neck in response to the awkwardness.

"So, you really are a hunter?" Frank asked slowly.
"Yeah." I replied gingerly.
The sun was on its way; the sky was becoming a royal blue.

Frank grimaced as he looked toward the sky.
"I guess you have to go." I said, surprised that sorrow was heard through my words.
"Yeah, I guess. Same diner, tomorrow?"
I smiled, once again surprised that I felt content about seeing him again.
"Will Jade be with you?"
"Nah." Frank said with a smirk.
"See you then."
"Yeah, see ya."
We lingered in our spots for a while.

"Oh, well..." I said to fill the quiet air.
Frank laughed wholeheartedly and walked away.

I stayed out until Frank was out of sight.
"Who was that?" Mikey said, shoving a newly made bowl of popcorn into his mouth.
"Just a friend." I felt high off of Frank's presence. I wondered if it was Frank's doing.
"Mm hmm." Mikey said, suspecting someone else, but dismissing the thought.
"Clean the living room," I dozily said to Mikey as I shuffled my feet to my room, "It's starting to look like World War III in here."
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