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Chapter 4

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Gerard makes a visit to Shane.

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After the nearly sleepless night, I came out of my room and into the living room, quietly shuffling my feet. Mikey was still watching House.
"How long have you been out here?" I asked. His eyes were wide open, and the popcorn bowl still sat in his lap.
"Uh, I don't know, what time is it?" He asked, without peeling his eyes off the screen. I collected the three empty Rockstar energy drinks off the coffee table and threw them away.
"It's 9:30."
"Then, all night."
I chuckled and opened the practically empty fridge and grabbed the last Rockstar. I popped it open and chugged it all.
"So, how's your mission from the boss man going?"
"Uh, fine." I stuttered, thinking about Frank and our conversation last night.
"Cool." Mikey said, shoving pretend popcorn in his mouth.
I threw the can away and sat next to Mikey.
"Dude, slow down!" I laughed and held on to his shoulders. His sugar and caffeine high was bouncing the whole couch.
"Care for a game of Portal 2?"
"No, Mikey," I said between laughs, "I have a busy day."
"Have fun." Mikey said, not bothered by my hands. I let go and patted his back.
"You too, kid."

I put on my boots and slipped on my hoodie and walked out the door. I was going to make a little visit to Shane Ross.

Last time Shane and I got together, It didn't blow over well. His girlfriend, for some reason he never told me her name, ran away to become a vampire. Shane asked me to kill her, and I said that I couldn't. Shane took it unnecessarily hard. We haven't talked since.
He didn't live too far away, only a couple blocks from the diner. I was already there, and I braced myself as I rang the door bell.
Shane answered the door with a smile on his face, then it faltered at the sight of me.

"Gerard." Shane said, with a bit of ruefulness as I smiled.
"Shane." I forced out.
"You dyed your hair."
"Yeah." I gritted my teeth. I remembered that he was after Frank, and I wanted to strangle him already.
"Do you want to come in?" Shane asked, obviously trying to be polite.
I nodded my head and walked in. Shane's house was way more furnished than my apartment.
"You've been killing a lot of vampires." I said in awe.
"Yeah," He proudly said, looking around at the room.
"Have you had any missions lately?" I shakily said. I was scared of his answer, even though I knew it already.
I sat down on a white loveseat and looked out the wall sized window to my left. You could see Downtown Los Angeles from there.

"Yeah, you should see this vampire i'm hunting down now," Shane started, sitting down on an identical loveseat that was facing the other,"he's new. Fresh out of the box. He's the one that ran away with my girlfriend, remember that?"
I swallowed hard and nodded solemnly, "Do you know the name of the vamp?"
"No, I wish I'd remember it though, so I could say it while I torture him. My ex's name is Jade."
My eyes widened, "the other vampire is Frank."
Shane suspiciously glanced over at me, "how did you know that?"
I forced my eyes to relax and fought to stay calm.
"They're running around everywhere," I lied, "newborn vampires don't know what to do."
"They must not live far. It'll make it easier to track them."
I nodded automatically and stood up to admire an impressive china collection behind me.

My hoodie held a knife, which I was planning to use on Shane. It was best to just get him out of the equation. I gripped the knife and waited for the right moment to attack.
Shane got up and went to a mini bar he had set up by the large window.
"How's your hunting going, Gerard?"
"Fine, fine." I quickly said, making my voice sound nonchalant.
"Do you have any current bloodsuckers to kill?"
"Uh, yeah. Just this vampire couple."
"Oh, really?" Shane asked, pouring Bourbon into two glasses.
"Yeah. Really." I replied, slowly turning around and walking towards Shane, the knife out in my hand, "Their names are Frank and Ja-"

Before I could finish my sentence, Shane put down the glasses and spun around. I put him in a choke hold and held the knife to his throat. The maneuver reminded me of when I placed the stake on Frank.
"Why are you hunting them?" I ferociously asked.
"Them? I'm not hunting 'them'. I'm hunting that goddamned bloodsucker Frank."
"Like you would care!" He yelled and slammed his head back, hitting my forehead. The impact knocked me back a couple of inches, giving me whiplash. I quickly collected myself and lunged at Shane with the knife readily in my hand. I landed on top of him. Before he could do anything, I punched him as hard as I could. His unconscious body laid beneath me.

"Sorry it had to come to this." I said to Shane's limp body and got up. I put the knife back in my hoodie and glanced at the chrome stove. The clock said 3:10.
I touched my nose, freshly aware that it had started bleeding. Great, I was going to see a vampire tonight with a bloody nose.
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