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Chapter 5

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Frank and Gerard find each other in a pretty odd way.

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"Yo!" I heard from behind me. I was just past the diner when I turned around and saw Cherry Ross, Shane's sister. An exasperated sigh left my mouth as she skipped happily toward me.

"Hi, Gerard." Cherry said in that mushy, lovey-dovey tone she always used around me.
"Hello, Cherry." I flatly said.
"What'cha doin'?"
"Walking home."
"Ooh," She said so loud that it made me jump, "can I come?"
"I'd love you to," I lied, "but i'm busy."
"Aww. That's too bad." Her squeaky voice reminded me of an anime character.
"Yeah. Too bad," I repeated, "tell Shane I said hi."
"Okay!" She squeaked and ran away.
I'd actually like her if she wasn't so hyper. And if she wasn't Shane's sister.

"Dammit." I said to myself when I got to the apartment's door. The door was locked, and I forgot my key.
"Mikey. You still up?" I pounded on the door. There was no reply.
I reached to the top of the door frame, where there was an extra key.

"You've got to be kidding me." I said when I walked in. Mikey was sprawled out on the coffee table, passed out in what seemed to be a sugar coma. I shook him profoundly, but he didn't budge.
Collapsing on the couch from exhaustion, I kicked Mikey lightly. He muttered in his coma and rolled over, almost falling off the table.
I laughed and fell into an unexpected deep sleep.

"Oh, shit!" I yelled and bolted off the couch too quickly, causing me to stumble over the coffee table leg and onto Mikey.
I laid on Mikey for a while, trying to regain consciousness.
"Sorry, bro." I yawned and slowly got up.
"Nah, it's cool." He said with an indifferent yawn and climbed off the table.
"What time is it?"
Mikey looked at the television, where House was still playing.
"Shit." I said, running a hand through my hair when I looked through the window. It was night. Frank was probably already at the diner.
"You seem like you need to be somewhere." Mikey said, stumbling over his words and gradually walking to his room.
"I need to meet someone." I said while running out of the door.

"Can't believe I fell asleep..." I muttered to myself while running to the diner. I couldn't really see where I was going, but I knew the way of the diner. Something ran in front of me then, causing me to fall flat on my face.
"Oh Fuck!" Frank said, lifting me up.
"Ow, my face." I put my hands to my forehead, where blood was running down my cheek. I looked at my hand, then at the vampire standing right in front of me. Frank just looked at my hand and smiled, he didn't even flinch at the smell.
"Just ate." He delightfully said.
I breathed a sigh of relief, "what are you doing?"
"You were late. I was worried."
"I fell asleep. Ow."
"Oh, sorry about that."
"No it's cool, it's cool. As long as you don't eat me."
"Like I said, I just ate."
I held my head and started walking. I glanced over at the vampire and noticed that he was shorter than I was.

"You're short." I laughed.
"You have a concussion."
"No, I don't. What do you know, you newbie vampire, you."
"Yeah, you're starting to go mental."
"No, no. I'm fine." I waved him off, then fell off the curb.
"Whoa. Okay, you're coming with me."
"To where?" I said, feeling like I was in another dimension.
"My place."
"Was this all a setup? Just so you can kidnap me?"
He laughed and picked me up, carrying me with both hands.
"I would never intentionally hurt you, Gerard."
"That's good to know. You know, that is the third time I fell today."
That was the last thing I said to Frank before I passed out, cuddling in his arms.
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