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Chapter 6

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Gerard wakes up in an abandoned warehouse.

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"Hey, loverboy. Get up." I heard Jade rudely say. I gently lifted my eyelids to see what was going on.
"Wha-."I started to say, then I was unexpectedly shoved off the bed I must've been laying on.
"This is my bed. What are you doing here anyway? Come to kill us but fell asleep?"
"No," I grumpily said, regaining consciousness, "Frank found me and took me- wherever the hell I am now."
"You're in our warehouse," she replied nonchalantly, falling on her bed.
"So, you live here," I said, standing up and scoping my surroundings. No windows were around; the only visible light was one dim ceiling light in the middle of the open room.
"Were not exactly in the lap of luxury."
Jade put her hands behind her head and stared at the warehouse entrance, right as Frank walked in.

"Well, glad you're alive." Even in the dim light, Frank's smile still shone.
"I would say the same, but you're a vampire."
Frank tossed me a brown paper bag.
"Hope you like Chinese food."
I opened the bag and followed Frank to a wooden park table and sat next to him.

"Did you already eat?" I said while shoving white rice into my mouth.
"Yeah." He shortly said, looking ashamed.
I stopped chewing and looked directly into his eyes.
"You don't have to be ashamed of who you are. It's not your fault."
The air around us seemed to settle in a bleak tone.

"But it is my fault. If I didn't run away with Jade, this wouldn't have happened."
I swallowed the half mashed rice and put the carton down.
"What... did happen?"
Frank twisted his body to look at Jade, who was sleeping soundly. He came back around and propped his head with his hand.

"Jade and I were friends before all of this happened. She told me that her boyfriend abused her and she wanted to run away. I wanted to help, but I didn't know that she had this thing set up with a really old vampire. The vampire, Vladimir Rose, said she can become a vampire only if she brought someone else along too. I didn't know this plan, obviously, and that backstabbing shit eater betrayed me."
I swallowed forcefully and looked at the table, where Frank had started to carve something into it. Frank stopped and looked into my eyes, sending all different emotions through my body.

The look he was giving me made my breath come in short wisps and made my heart accelerate.
"Is that you?" I asked Frank quietly.
"What?" Frank asked, sounding sincere.
"Making me... feel different."
"Do you still have a concussion?" Frank asked with a small laugh.
I wrinkled my forehead as Frank eyed me suspiciously.
"Nothing, nevermind."
I stood up and opened the nearby door, glancing at the sky briefly. It was almost dawn.

"Listen, I have to go." I said, shutting the door and pivoting around on my heels. Frank was suddenly in front of me, holding my shoulders with a look of panic set on his face.
"Don't go." He breathlessly said.
"Why not?" I smirked at him. It felt silly to hear a vampire plead.
"Because I-" He sighed and gripped my shoulders harder.
"It's okay. Just say it."
"I love you."

My eyes opened to the size of saucers and I stumbled backwards, hitting the metal door. Frank looked hurt by my reaction. I quickly regained posture and hugged him tightly.
"I'm sorry," He said, resent strong in his shaking voice.
I wasn't sure what to say. I couldn't say that I loved him back, but I also couldn't say that I didn't feel the same.
"It's okay." I said, stroking his short black hair.

After a couple of sob sessions, Frank pulled away from my hug to look me in the face.
"So, you are going to stay, right?" Frank asked.
I just grinned and took him by the waist and led him to his bed.
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