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Chapter 7

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Things are moving a little too quickly for Gerard.

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"So, why did you try to save us?" Frank asked quietly, careful not to disturb Jade when he climbed into his side of the bed.
I thought about what I should say to this. Should I lie or should I tell him the truth? I shifted uncomfortably in the plastic lawn chair I was sitting in.

"The hunter who's hunting you down is a personal enemy of mine." Not a lie, but not why I decided to help.
"You basically used us to get information for yourself."

Okay, my lie didn't go as smooth as planned. I took a deep breath as I glanced over at Frank's relaxed face.
"Frank, you asleep?" I asked, slowly rising from the chair. Only a faint snore replied back.

Now I could make my escape.

I let myself relax as I walked away from the warehouse, glancing around briefly to get a feel of where I was located. I was definitely in a shady part of town.

I forbid my mind to think of what Frank said earlier as I crossed the street, heading towards the general direction of the apartments. I wondered if he really meant it, or if he was just trying to get to my emotions. Either way, it was too quick and very unexpected.

By the time I reached the adjacent end of the street, a black Escalade was making a beeline towards me. Its windows were heavily tinted; which meant either vampire or drug dealer was looking for me. My best bet was vampire. I glanced at the freshly raised sun, and realized that the vampire must be considerably old, given the time of day. This could get a little dicy.

The Escalade quickly pulled up beside me, sending a screeching noise through the other warehouses. I slowly glanced up at the passenger side as the tinted window rolled down. Somehow, the vampire evaded the sun's rays. He took one swift look at me and nodded.

"Get him." I heard his calm voice say, and before I could pull my knife out, two insanely muscled guys popped out of the car and roughly held my hands behind my back and dragged me to the back. No matter how hard I tried to wriggle out of their hold or move in any sort of way, they still tugged me like I was fresh kill.
"Let go of me!" I yelled and attempted to slide out of their makeshift cuffs, only for their hands to be held tighter. One of the guards let go of me, opening the back of the expensive car and slamming me into the back of the furthest seat.

"Shut up." The guard who threw me said. He had a thick accent, presumably Russian. The other guard put actual cuffs around my wrists and strapped them to a seperate hook on the bottom of the floor. I started to yell something else, but I lost my train of thought as the guard placed something under my nose. I instinctively smelled it; the sickly sweet liquid entered my nose quickly and I felt myself drift away.
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