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Chapter 8

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Vladimir Rose.

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A nauseating smell filled my senses, making me snap into alert mode. My eyes flew open, only for my eyesight to be blocked by a brown sack over my head. I reluctantly sniffed the putrid smell, trying to figure out what it was. Burning flesh was the culprit. I was familiar to the smell, torturing vampires in the daylight was Shane's favorite, back when we were partners. The thought of him made me mad all over again.

I heard murmering come from in front of me, although I couldn't make out who it was or what they were talking about. My wrists were rubbed raw and aching from the cuffs I still had on. Whenever I tried to loosen them, they would just make additional cuts.

"Well, this must be Gerard Way." I heard a cocky voice say.
"Yes, sir." The russian guard proudly said.
I felt the sack violently ripped off my head and a hand go immediantly under my chin. The vampire, Vladimir Rose, lifted my head up gently, as if I was extremely fragile.

"The one who is hunting my precious vampires." Vlad said, his old age showing through his voice. The way he talked, as if he had all the time in the world, reminded me of a snake who was eyeing his prey. Which was probably the case.

"I'm not hunting them." I spat, which was followed by a hard hit to the right side of the face with a crowbar. I tasted the sharp taste of blood as I returned my head to its normal spot. I spat the blood to the side, careful not to hit the oddly casual vampire.

"I'm not lying. You can say whatever the fuck you want."
The vampires lips curled up in a smile. He knew I wasn't lying.
"In fact," I said, licking my lips to get rid of the drying blood, "your boy said something I found quite interesting."
Vladimir's eyebrows rose in interest, "do tell, young one, I always find it fascinating to learn about what abilities newborns are developing these days."
"He told me that he loved me." I answered confidently.

Vladimir's eyebrows seemed to rise even further, making him look creepier with the lit fireplace lighting his features.

"Oh." He said, and glanced at the two guards blocking the entrance. I had the time to look around the room. The fireplace was the only thing giving off light, but it was bright enough to see the hanging bodies in the corner. I shuddered in the red velvet chair I was kept in, making my cuffs make an audible clink.

The vampire noticed my increased heart rate and turned around, his sight fixated on my neck.

"Let me guess," he said more dull than before, "it made you feel all lovey inside."
I furrowed my brow at him, aware that he knew what was going on.
"You aren't anything of a hunter, my savory friend. What he used on you was compulsion. He made you feel that way."

I felt like I was about to puke, and it was not because of the stench radiating from the corner. Could Frank really do that to me?

"I just want to go home, to my brother." I finally broke down and said. I was suddenly exhausted.
Vladimir satanically laughed.
"Do you really think i'm going to let you go that easy? Besides, I've got your brother, right here."

I widened my eyes as Mikey, strapped to a metal lab table, got pushed through the entrance.
"Mikey!" I shouted, wrangling against my restraints.

"Don't take it personal, but I hate hunters."
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