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Chapter 9

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Vladimir spun around to face Mikey, who seemed to be conscious, but hazy.
"Ooh!" Vladimir yelled in joy, "he would make a damn fine vampire. What do you think, Gerard?"
"No." I said under my breath. I hit my wrists against the arm of the chair, trying to break the wood. No use.
"I think so." He said in a dreamy tone. Vladimir got closer to Mikey and eyed him carefully.
"Would you like to start the process?" The Russian guard said, still guarding the doors.
"Yes, I think I would."
"No!" I yelled, hitting the arm of the chair harder. I just started to crack the wood when I realized that the chair hadn't been bolted down. I extended my leg, which almost touched the table Mikey was strapped to. Then, without much forethought, I slammed against the back of the chair. The motion sent me backwards, making me hit the marble floor. The arm cracked, sending my arms free, although I couldn't to anything about the cuffs yet.
I rolled backwards off of the chair and immediately on my feet.

Vladimir was already on top of me.
"Well, aren't you a smart one." He said, holding my throat. I started gagging and losing air.

No. I couldn't die like this.

Then, suddenly, Vladimir slowly let go of my neck. I threw his hand down and looked into his eyes, which were staring into the distance. What was going on?
I saw the pointed side of a stake coming out of his chest, coming dangerously close to his heart, as well as mine. To be on the safe side, I backed up a couple of feet.

Vladimir finally slid down to the blood stained marble. In his place stood Cherry Ross.

For a minute, the room seemed to spin around me. Then, I remembered Mikey.

"Mikey!" I audibly said, jumping over Vlad and putting both hands to his neck. I couldn't find a pulse.
Cherry walked over to the dead vampire and rolled him over, retrieving both her stake and a set of keys. She unhooked me and I promptly unhooked Mikey from the straps that were holding him down.
"He's dying." Cherry said in a serious tone that sounded weird coming from her. I heard a moan come from the entrance, then a gunshot as Cherry whipped out her handgun and shot the Russian guard.
"How do you know?" I said and checked his pulse.
"I know a failing heart when I hear one."
"Hear one? What do you mean?"
She glanced down at me solemnly and helped Mikey to his teetering feet. Abruptly, she took him from my hands and threw him over her shoulders.
"Gerard, there's some things you don't know about me."
"That doesn't matter right now. All I want to know is if you can help my brother."
She sighed wistfully. "I can, but you wont like how I do. We need to get to your apartment."

It all came to me at once. Cherry Ross, Shane's sister, was a vampire.
"Cherry," I started to say, but the room started spinning around me. I held on to the lab table like it was my source of life, until I passed out on the grey marble floor.
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