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Chapter 10

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Cherry's POV.

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Okay, so I decided to have just one very short chapter in Cherry's point of view just to get a feel of whats going on in her mind. =^.^=

"Fuck me!" I yelled as I heard Gerard's limp body hit the hard floor. I spun around, careful not to fling Mikey off, and stared at him.

This had to be the twentieth time he's passed out in the last two days.

I picked Gerard up by his arm and slumped him over my free shoulder. I gingerly sidestepped the table and the two guards, sliding out the barely open door and into the distressing sun. Even though I've built an immunity over the years, it still kinda fried my eyeballs.

Mikey was getting more and more distant as I took the time evading the increasing traffic. Sketchy neighborhood or not, this looked grande suspicious.

I picked up the pace as soon as the complex was in sight, risking the chance that someone would see me. I couldn't waste anymore time.

I literally kicked the apartment's door open in what seemed like a millennium since I had killed Vladimir. Or, at least, I thought I killed him. I was almost sure the stake went right through his heart.

I dropped Gerard onto the couch right as I slammed in, as he sputtered something that sounded like, 'don't save Mikey'. I ignored the rest of his wheezing breaths and gently laid Mikey on the empty coffee table, slitting my left wrist with my fangs in the process. I slit an identical cut on his right wrist and merged them together. There were more efficient, cleaner ways to do it, but this was the fastest way to get my blood beating in his heart. I had to resist the urge to take my wrist away from his to inspect the oozing wound. Mikey's pulse was already sounding stronger.

"What are you doing?" Gerard said, almost inaudible.
"Saving your brother." I breathlessly said, when the terrifying truth came to me. Mikey, and more than likely Gerard, were going to hate my entire existence after this.

After more than ten exhausting minutes, Mikey deeply inhaled the same time Gerard pushed himself into a upright position.

"No!" Gerard said, abruptly getting off the couch and shoving me sideways off of Mikey's wrist.
I quickly stood up and caught Gerard, who was obviously still very dizzy.
"Wh-what have you do-done!" Gerard stuttered, forcing himself from my grip. I had no energy left to retrieve him from Mikey's new vampire body. The boy was already pale enough to look like a vampire, anyway.

"I saved your brother." I retorted, felling dizzy myself. Maybe that ten minutes was longer than I thought.
"No, you didn't! This is fucking worse than death!" He held Mikey like he was actually dead. I swore that I saw tears forming in his eyes.
"Doesn't matter. What's done is done."
"What's done is done." Gerard repeated, more sorrow filled than mocking.
"I trust you know how to take care of newborns." I quietly said, making my way towards the entrance.
Gerard just nodded, not taking his sight away from Mikey.

"Oh, yeah. Sorry about your door." I muttered before walking out into the noon daylight.

Okay, that wasn't as short as I thought it was going to be. R+R!
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