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Thoughts and Feelings

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"Maybe Frank’s right. Maybe I am worth it... But why would Nick hurt me all the time if he loves me?" Gerard reveals something. Nick shows his true feelings about Gerard. Frank spills the beans.

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NOTE! PLEASE READ! Okay so this part is a little different. I probably won't be doing this much (like where I show Gerard's POV) because this story is set in Frankie's POV only but anyway I just wanted to let you guys see a little bit into Gerard's messed up mind and show you how he feels.


Maybe Frank’s right. Maybe I am worth it... But why would Nick hurt me all the time if he loves me?

I walked down the hallway, well limped more. Nick punished me last night again, for kissing Frank. I had to tell him, if I lied to him and he found out it would be even more hurt.

People walked past me and I held my head high. I couldn’t let anyone see behind the smirk I gave everyday. They couldn’t know that I was secretly dying inside. I stuffed my failed art project into my locker and stuck a lighter into my pocket.

I pushed through the doors and took in the fresh air. Walking over to a far wall I picked a concealed spot and leaned against it. I took out my pack of cigarettes. I had just started with the cancer sticks. To relieve my stress and try to fight the urge to slice open my skin again with a butcher knife. I had stopped cutting for about a month. Now and again I got the urge but the cigs helped.

As I inhaled I instantly felt better. All my problems exhaled out of me along with the smoke. Even though my lungs burned at least I felt relief. If my parents found out about this I would be thrown out on my ass. But they didn’t know I what I was going through.

Nick or Frank? Was the question pounding on my brain. It was true, I had developed feelings for that little creep. He actually cares to hear what I have to say, and talk about what I love. He didn’t hurt my feelings or brush me off when I had something to say. He didn’t hurt me, and he was a DAMN GOOD kisser.

Nick hurt me. He yelled at me, continued to fuck me even when I was begging for him to stop, hit me, and told me that everything I did was shit. But Nick loved me... didn’t he? He appreciated all I did for him, even when I didn’t really want to. Right?

I was so fucking confused. Nick or Frank? Frank or Nick?

Does Frank love me? Was the other question. Sure Frank kissed with passion, gazed into my eyes, stared at me forever... but did he really love me? Or am I just meant as a quick fuck to him?

I was to all the others... Darcy, Chris and now maybe Nick. I think thats my purpose. Just to be a toy, a plaything to everyone. Just a pretty little bitch that will do anything for anyone who pretended to love me. It's true. I just craved love.

It was true. I just wanted to be loved, just wanted to know that someone was there for me. To know that someone appreciated me.

I took another drag from the cig and stomped it out. Only to hear sobbing on the other side of the wall. I walked over to see what the problem was... surprised at what, or who I saw.


I was sitting at my locker, eating my lunch alone as I usually do when someone came up in front of me.

“Who kissed who first?”

I looked up to see Nick staring down on me. “He told you?” I asked.

“Of course he did. He can’t lie to me, or I’ll hurt him even more.” Nick smirked. “So answer the question.”

“I kissed him first okay? Don’t fucking hurt him over it!” I stood up.

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to him and he’ll keep taking it like the little stupid whore he is.” Nick towered over me.

“Just try loving him!” I was furious.

“I never fucking loved him. I just wanted a hot bitch to fuck and he’s easy so it works out.” Nick smirked. “No one loves him he’s a fucking good for nothing.”

My hands balled into fists, tears blurred my vision.

“What’s wrong, shortie?” Nick smirked.

I snapped, I couldn’t take it anymore. “I love him!” I shouted as tears rolled down my face.

I ran out of the school when I realized what I just admitted to basically the whole hallway. I loved Gerard Way.

I leaned against the wall and sobbed. Why can’t everything just be okay? Why can’t Nick just stop hurting Gerard? I cried and cried and cried, not caring who heard me.

I’m such an idiot! How am I going to face the rest of the day? How am I going to face Gerard after Nick just spilled out his horrible feelings about him? How am I going to face the fact that Gerard will never be my Princess?

“Frank? Are you okay?”

I looked up. To my horror it was Gerard.
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