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Rachel enjoys her cigarette in peace?

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A/N: So thank you guys for being so patient with this chapter, I have been so distracted by work and summer in general. Uh lets see, I really hope you guys like it. As I said before my computer is down and I am going to do my best to update when I can. I am using my desktop computer at the moment, but its slow and I'm impatient. Haha. Also check out my preview for the sequel to For the Last Night I Lie... Anyway I hope you guys enjoy this chapter! R&R I'd love you guys even more than I already do! You guys are the best!

Chapter 5: Night

Rachel's POV

"Bye you guys it was nice meeting you come back soon!" I heard my mom's effervescent voice echo from downstairs. It was about six when they left, so I had been cramped up in my room for close to three hours entertaining myself with sudoku nautical mad libs.

I rushed over to the my red couch I had leaned up against on of my window and watched the family walk across the lawn. Mikey and Gerard walked sluggishly behind their mother who seemed to be happily ranting about something. I was able to see them walk up their driveway because my window looked directly across my lawn to their house. Their was also a room directly across from my window and I didn't know whose it was but I was hoping it wasn't Gerard's but with my luck it probably was. I felt really creepy because I just closely watched the Way family walk back into their house. I was starting to creep myself out, why did I care what Gerard did? Or what he did inside his house? OR what his room looked like!? Ahh I couldn't keep my thoughts straight, I mean yeah he was cute...until he opened his mouth. God damn I didn't even want to know what the rest of the year was going to be like, and it was the last thing I wanted to think about it. So I did what I did best, I curled up on my red couch and went to sleep.

Gerard's POV

Well well well, what a pleasant surprise that was. Turns out the mystery girl (who's name is Rachel) lives next door to me. The look on her face when she walked through the door and saw me sitting on the couch was priceless. I couldn't help but laugh just thinking about it, even better when her mom told us her name, I could not wait until art tomorrow to just bask in my glory. I mean I always basked in my glory, but this would be better. Just seeing her face bubble up with frustration. She kept pushing me away, but I could feel her loosening up. Oh well whatever happens... happens. When we returned to our house it was about six, Mikey went upstairs to do his homework. It was weird I didn't know why he was trying so hard, I just hope he wasn't expecting me to do the same, it was my last year in this hell hole and I was just gonna squeeze by. It was Monday, but it wasn't going to stop me from going out tonight. I was hoping Frank would give in to temptation and join me. It wasn't like we were gonna go to a party or anything tonight because it was Monday and all so nothing was going on. We (well hopefully we if Frank does come) were just gonna go down to the park and drink some beers. It had turned into a kind of tradition since freshman year, we would sneak out of our houses and go to the park and just hang out and list the things we wanted to accomplish that year. Mine always involved taking my art to the next level, and Frank's always involved music. Sophomore year we added in the beer and it just made it better. Hopefully tonight wouldn't be different, Frank seemed rather hesitant earlier when I asked him but I was pretty sure that he would give in. But until I had word from him I trudged up to my room to just listen to some music and draw, its pretty much what I did most of the time. Its pretty much the only thing I did, besides drink and smoke. I didn't have anything I really wanted to draw today so just did the usually sketches of monsters or comic book characters I envisioned. I let the Misfits flow through my eardrums and just sketched away.

"BEEEP BEEEP!" My phone yanked me out of my focus. I had looked over to see that I had drawn over 30 pictures in the past two hours, and I finally realized that my Misfits CD had ended.

I pulled myself out of my chair and walked over to my phone that was lying on my window seal that was pushed up next to my bed. Before I grabbed it to check my text I glanced at out my window and saw the room across from me, which was empty a couple days ago was now filled with furniture and unopened boxes. I was hoping that it was Rachel's room, I assumed it was because I didn't think she had any brother's or sister's. As I glanced out the window I could feel myself becoming more and more drowsy I decided I needed to take a nap if I was going anywhere tonight, which I probably was. But before I greeted my soft bed I flipped my phone open and saw that Frank had texted me saying he was coming out with me tonight, as I had expected. I vaguely smiled kind of happy Frank gave in to me, because I would feel a bit pathetic drinking beer by myself, not that I really had a problem with that. But I liked getting drunk with Frank, he was fucking hilarious. I replied to Frank telling him to meet me at the park around 12:15 and I would bring the beer, I always brought the beer. I set an alarm for 12, it didn't take me that long to get the park, especially if I drove there, and Frank didn't live that far away from me so I knew it wouldn't take him long either. I lied down on my bed, and rested my head on my freshly fluffed pillow and passed out.

Later that Night

Rachel's POV

"OW!" I screeched out in pain as I hit the floor.

I never could be still when I slept, and I figured I would hit the floor if I slept on the couch but it was just so damn comfortable. I sat up on the floor gripping my head thinking that would somehow prevent the huge headache that was soon to arrive from banging my head on the floor. I glanced up at the clock and saw it was 3am and I already knew there was no way I was going back to sleep now. I rubbed my eyes and pulled myself off of my hardwood floor. I remembered I had that cigarette Frank had given me earlier, and I felt that this was the perfect moment to smoke it. Back in Huntersville I would smoke on the side of my house in the middle of the night, and it was pretty much gonna be the same routine here. I looked in a couple unpacked boxes until I finally found my yellow lighter that I hadn't used in ages. I placed it in my bra as I held my phone and cigg in my left hand. I flicked my lights off and slowly opened my door, I was always paranoid about my parents waking up but they never did. I crept down the carpet covered stairs and went out the back door, I wasn't wearing any shoes so I could feel the damp grass moisten my feet as I walked quietly to the side of my house that was below my room. I looked up at the Way house and saw the room across mine was pitch black and I figured if it was Gerard's room like I thought that he was asleep, which made me feel a bit relaxed. I reached down into my bra and searched for my lighter and pulled it out. I placed the white stick into my mouth and sparked it. I inhaled my first cloud of smoke and looked up at the stars. I felt relaxed, it was quiet, and I just had time to think to myself. As I smoked my cigarette I heard a car door slam, which startled me a bit, because who else would be out here at three in the morning. I looked up and saw and slender figure stumble towards the side of the Way house. Oh shit I swear if this was Gerard I was going to light myself on fire right now, I was actually relaxed for the first time today and I know he would ruin it. Maybe if I stand still he'll just go inside. But nope, I was wrong, and of course it was Gerard.

"You know just because you stand still doesn't mean I can't smell the smoke." he slurred as he stumbled over to me.

"I should really talk to my mom and dad about investing in a fence." I said smugly.

"Well hello to you to beautiful." he slurred again as he pulled out a cigarette.

"You're drunk." I stated as I inhaled a deep cloud of smoke, and exhaled it upward. Even though I didn't like the boy I wasn't going to blow smoke in his face.

"And you're gorgeous." he smirked as he lit his cigarette. I could see the look on his face because the moonlight was hitting his face now.

"Gerard go away, must you spoil my peace." I sighed.

"Why do you hate me so much?" he questioned drunkenly. I knew this was the alcohol talking.

"Lets see, it could be your appealing cockiness or the extreme amount of arrogance you exude daily." I sneered as I flicked my cigarette over into his yard. I watched his head turn as it flew passed him.

"Well I'm not always like that, and I think its rude of you to judge me like that." he stated childishly as he started to fall over, another result of the alcohol.

"Gerard." I sighed as I caught him. I could smell the beer on his breath. "How much did you drink?" I questioned slightly concerned.

"I don't know." he slurred. I could barely make out his words.

"Okay well I think we need to get you into your house." I said as I held him up.

"Will you help me?" he asked helplessly. I would have said no if I wasn't able to see his face, he looked like he wouldn't make it to the back door.

"Why not." I sighed, "Lets go." I draped his arm over my neck and guided him to his back door.

I watched him try and open the door, but he was failing greatly, so I reached my hand up and turned the brass knob and pushed the door open. I really didn't want to walk him up to his room, but if I didn't he would be passed out on the floor in the morning, and I wasn't going to let that happen. I could tell what part of his house he was in all I know is he was drunkenly guiding me towards his stairs. I slowly helped him up the stairs step by step. When we reached the top he nudged me to the right, we walked down the narrow hallway for a couple of feet and reached a door at the end. It was cracked so Gerard just leaned against it and it swiftly opened. I walked him in and fumbled a little searching for a light, but I eventually found it and flicked it on. Gerard's room didn't look like what I had expected, at all blood red walls, band posters everywhere, black bed sheets, and a drawing area. From the way he acted I expected him to be one of those guys that had a beer bottle collection. But I knew just from looking around his room he wasn't really like that. I pulled myself out of my trance and saw Gerard barely lying on his bed. I walked over to help him get completely on it and turned him on his side incase he threw up he wouldn't choke, I also placed his trash can by his bed incase he threw up.

"Why are you being so nice?" he asked drowsily.

"Because you aren't being a jerk." I chuckled back, brushing a strand of ebony hair out of his face.

"Well thanks." he smiled, with his eyes shut. I hate to admit but when he did it, he looked adorable. I couldn't help but laugh a little. "Why are you laughing?" he asked in response.

"I am hoping you won't remember this in the morning but, you're kind of cute when your plastered." I smiled at him.

"Oh trust me I will. But you're cute whenever, and I think I like you." he slurred out.

"Gerard you don't even know me." I stated firmly.

"No...but I want too." he sounded sincere, and I could see him blush a little. But I wasn't about to take him seriously.

"Gerard its almost four I should go." I said as I gently placed a blanket over him. As I backed away from his bed, I quickly glanced out the window and of course I saw my room. Because of course his room was across from mine just like I expected. Damn my life is so predictable. I felt Gerard grab my hand and pull my back towards him.

"We are gonna talk about this tomorrow." he whispered barely awake.

"Sure we will." I chuckled, as I made my way out of his room.

I walked quietly out of the Way house, and crossed back over them misty grass to my house. I pushed the door open quietly, and sneaked up to my room, and greeted my bed for the sacred two hours of sleep I would receive tonight. But as I went to sleep I couldn't stop thinking about Gerard, and the thing that worried me is that I kind of liked it...
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